iPhone 4 16GB drops to $59 on 3-year at SaskTel, until September 30th


  • Loreen

    Cheaper than the curve or bold for 10000x the phone

    • Harris

      10000x ZERO is still ZERO.

  • Harris

    You need to stop with the stupid iPhone ‘news’

    The phone is well over a year old and people still flock to buying it like zombies. We get it, consumers are stupid.

    No need to advertise their stupidity.

  • MovieMan87

    its a $100 bill credit on ANY 4G SMARTPHONE, GET THE GALAXY S2. Great promo

  • Yipper

    I clear indication that iPhone is doing poorly. They have to clear inventory

    • Sean

      A clear indication the iPhone 5 will be releasing soonn

  • KidCanada

    Did steve jobs or the new ceo pay you guys to keep posting sh*t about the iPhone all day? Geez give it a rest..

  • Sunny

    The iPhone is awesome all these companies like samsung and lg can’t compare so they launch 50 models a year to try and compete to one device from Apple

  • roman129

    Something else to think about: When this model turns 4 years old, you will still have 2-3 months left in your contract. Is it really a good deal?


    Quick test to make sure thumbs up still works.

    FACT: Terry Fox was a great Canadian.

  • Nick

    What I’d rather see is the same price on a 1- or 2-year. Telus is onto things when they have their $0 1-year deals on inventory they’re trying to clear out.

    Everyone knows that they make their money on the monthly fees. They aren’t cutting much into their profits to unload old stock on people. They’re still laughing all the way to the bank.