Bell and Virgin also drop iPhone 4 16GB to $99


  • TomatoGuy

    Well, that’s exactly how “competition” works between Big3 carriers. They don’t want to loose those poor customers willing to sign up on 3 year contracts.

    • Rio

      I like 3-Year Contracts 🙂

  • james k

    just another day of them all working together

    • bob

      You guys don’t understand competition.
      If there was no competition, then Bell could have kept the price to $160 and continue to make sales. But because there is some competition, they HAVE to follow. It has nothing to do with a cartel. Just like on a stock exchange (perfect competition), when the price drop from $10 to $5, all those who want to sell have to follow the price drop.

  • DontThinkSoTim

    So they are going to pay me $99 to take this phone?! SWEET!….wait..give them $99 for this phone? not a chance

  • crunch204

    apple has allowed the price drop to $99 so thats why all the carriers are doing it, not because they are warping the market.

    In may when ONLY Bell and Virgin dropped the Iphone4 to $59, no other carrier followed

  • Reggie Noble

    “There’s a trend happening in Canada. One carrier comes out with a new awesome plan, or decides to reduce the price of a certain handsett… then miraculously others follow.”

    This “trend” by the big 3 has been going on forever, nothing new.

  • Raz

    What Crunch said. Why do you guys and gals think there was no price drop for the iPhone within a FULL YEAR?! Apple said no no, carriers said ok ok. Honestly I doubt the price will rise up even after September 7.

    Still, as far as I’m concerned it is a considerately overpriced device.

  • Mathieu

    I wouldn’t get this phone for 0$ without contract 😛

    Seriously, 3-year contracts have to end.
    The law should forbid contract longer than 2-years.

    3-year is the life duration of a mobile technology (GPRS, Edge, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, WiMax, LTE …)
    So that means most Canadians will experience one technology with only 1 carrier!

    • Rio

      I Like My 3-year Contract.

      Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it should be banned.

  • Claude

    Not a chance, will I be paying $99 for a cr@ppy Iphone which is 2 years old. I just got myself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 from Best Buy yesterday for $69.99 which is cheap considering that this phone is a beast when it comes to specs for this price. Iphone 4 is no where close to specs like this. Iphones are highly over rated.

    • Rio

      Stop bashing another phone, it just shows how little you know and how closed minded you are.

      The iPhone does not need superior hardware to keep up, its well coded OS makes up for a lot of it.

      Not everyone needs a mini computer in their hand. Some people prefer a Completely Stable phone, with easy access to the huge app store, the ease of mind all of your information is backed up (without needing to do anything complicated)…. The iPhone is not meant for tech minded people. Your phone is best for you not for everyone.

    • Claude

      @Rio All I got to say is LOL LMAO

    • Rio

      lol, yup keep laughing and have fun with your phone.

  • Dylan

    Wow, so I was already a year late getting my iPhone 4 in 2010? Maybe read the article next time and don’t just throw around hatred. We get it, you like your s2. Now head over to XDA and stop trolling!

  • jen

    I agree with Claude. $99 is still to high so a 2 ye
    ar old phone. there’s way better phones out there with better specs for way cheaper price. iPhones are old news. and retail price of iPhones are over exaggerated.

    • Rio

      Both of you are completely missing the point.

      The phone is 1year old and not everyone needs/wants the latest and the greatest. A lot of people are happy with the processing speed of an iPhone 4.

  • Raz

    Rio you’re also missing the point. I’m glad you’re happy with an iPhone. However, the price does not reflect the phone performance. It should be 350$ full price/0$ on a contract. That’s the point!

    I’m in retail for phones and you have no idea how many ppl I see passing by my store with jailbroken iPhones just because they weren’t happy with what they could do with it. Also many others have software issues with phone, so saying it’s completely stable is wrong. BTW try an iPhone 3GS running iOS4 and see its performance (it LAGS like crazy once you install a few apps). Same thing will probably happen with iPhone 4 once iOS5 will be released.

    • Rio

      I agree the 3GS was a screw up on Apple’s part but I have iOS5 b4 running on my iPhone 4 right now and it is running pretty smoothly.

      And yes i Have myin Jailbroken because I like the playing around with my iPhone. I admit, I pay a lot more than I should, but in the end I feel I am getting a better overall experience. But this is not for everyone clearly.

      My friend had bought the Original Galaxy and had a horrible accident the first month, in the end he had to go with a cheap phone untill he had enough to fix it. The year I have had my iPhone, Apple replaced it for a new one(my speaker stopped working), and I got my screen changed for free because I dropped it.

      If either of that happen to any other manufacture I would have had a very hard time getting it fixed/replaced.

      There are upsides and downsides to both, with an iPhone you are not just paying for a phone but for a complete package. With something like Android, you get the Hardware spces and the open system.

      Also since Im posting, explain this mis-conception that I might have here.
      Isnt rooting a phone similar to jailbreaking?

  • elnad

    Rogers and Fido will surely react at the beginning of next week too. I would update my 3GS (no contract with Fido at the moment) if I could keep my 37$ (200min, texts, VM, CID, illimited starting at 17h and 100mb) plan. When phone get old, we should be able to use them with lower plan. No one will buy a 55$ 3-year contract for a iPhone 4. Maybe the 5, but surely not a year old phone. It will be a 4 years old technology when the contract is over. So let cheap persons as myself buy old iPhone with lower plan when they expire.

    It’s the same with the Samsung Galaxy Gio. No one would pay a 55$ plan for such a small phone. We can buy a SGS2 for 80$ with the same plan. Let people who want to buy older phone use them for lower plan. I would buy a smartphone to my girlfriend if it wasn’t for the 55$ plan. She could pay 35$ like myself for a beginner plan and use wifi as I do.

  • Andy

    Wow, the logic I see being posted here is outright ridiculous. what, you mean the brand new Sammy Galaxy S 2 is faster than the 1-year old iPhone 4?! NO FLIPPIN’ WAY! A year in the mobile industry is like a decade in the making. Clearly the carriers are depleting stock for the iPhone 5.

    Also, Apple does not control the price of the handset on contract. Your price you pay is purely based on how much your carrier is willing to subsidize. Carriers buy iPhones from Apple at market cost. One drops the price, the others follow to compete. Simple logic.

    Let’s wait for the iPhone 5 to drop with the (likely to be) A5 chip in it and THEN let’s compare Apples to Apples (no pun intended). Comparing a year old phone to a brand new handset on features and performance is idiocy. This is just a fanboy war now to jump on the bashing bandwagon. All the phones are great. Geez.

  • Betty Koyle

    how bout 99 for a 2 year contract.. if not ill wait for iPhone 5

  • J

    When is Rogers going to drop their price?????….Anyone know

  • T

    Anybody know when rogers will reduce the price of the iphone 4 like the other carriers?