Motorola: About 40% of Canadian company decision makers considering Android smartphones for business use

Android is becoming popular, Gartner Research estimated their total market share in Q2 2011 hit 43.4%. In Canada, the only stat that we have is from a March 2011 comScore report that found users who adopted Google’s Android OS as their primary smartphone was 12.2%.

Today, Motorola Canada has come out with a stats that shows continued Android adoption. In a press release, heavily promoting the business features of the ATRIX 4G, they stated that “According to third party research commissioned by Motorola Mobility, close to 40 per cent of Canadian company decision makers across all company sizes are considering Android smartphones for business use.”

There was no background on how many decision makers were contacted, where or when the research was conducted. We’ve reached out to Motorola for a bit more insight into what made up the 40%, simply because that’s huge number. I guess “considering” is the key word there, and not transitioned. The comScore report showed Canadians use BlackBerry devices the most, an incredible 42% of smartphone subscribers.

Hopefully we’ll have more stats soon.
Source: CNW