Virgin Mobile release the BlackBerry Curve 9360, sizes it up next to a Gnome


  • Fact Finder

    FACT: The keyboard on this device is bigger than the screen.

    FACT: The screen on this device is smaller than the keyboard.

    BONUS FACT: The screen on the BB Curve is smaller than a Gnome’s schlong. Check the schematic above.

    • Alex Perrier

      Fact Finder, be careful. i get it that the BlackBerry isn’t phenomenal, isn’t very innovative, and isn’t everything that it should be, but your repetitive posts are starting to sound a lot like the ones from the user that keeps saying “Get a real phone, get an iPhone!”

  • Boogard

    This is a winning HERO phone. Think about it. really, think about it. Gnome’s use this phone. The phone is worth $2. AND, I have a 12″ p***s – I measured it on the chart above.

  • Nigel

    Just a heads up people, that is a troll… not a gnome.

    But in all seriousness, the new Curve’s physical body is much improved from the previous model. We just received them at work today, and I’m impressed so far.

    • Toronto

      My wife’s physical body was improved…since she started working out!

      Since you are married to your phone though I guess you are happy!

      To each their own!

    • Afif

      you’re right. It is impressive and they did change the body of the phone…they changed the space bar by a few mm

    • Gehee

      can your wife bend in good positions?

  • Afif

    The BB Curve is smaller than my body, and I’m a bloody penguin!

  • Matt P

    but does it run android?

  • RedArmada

    @FactFinder On that note I have a Motorola Atrix still running 2.2 because Motorola Canada can’t seem to roll out an update on time even though our american neighbours have had the update for months. It has a 1GHz Dual Core tegra 2 and 1GB of RAM yet the UI lags more than any blackberry I have ever used. Aftermarket launchers and keyboards help but I shouldn’t have to replace the stock launcher and keyboard to make the phone useable. Furthermore the phone has a nice habit of rebooting on its own and applications crash more often than windows 95. Hopefully The update to 2.3 will solve these issues but it just goes to show that specs aren’t everything and the overall user experience is much more important. If I could make any recommendation it would be to hold judgement until you have tried the phone. This goes for any phone; don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    • Fact Finder


      BB’s don’t lag? Thats becuase they are running the equivalent of DOS.

      Thats like saying a typewriter doesn’t lag lol

      I would write more but my BB just finished rebooting from the daily battery pull.

    • Gips

      My phone is slow too, and so is my PC. But that is from loading a lot of pRon on it

    • Fact Finder

      Imagine if you had a playbook, it still doesn’t have native email LOL

  • e-warrior

    let the trolling begin…
    in celebration of a troll

  • mda

    can i have the gnome?

  • Expert

    Virgin sucks! Idiotic ads, always.

  • Mike

    does anyone know if you can get this phone on prepaid without using a credit card or anything? thanks


      yeah you need to go to a virgin mobile mini store and then they can activate it for you without a credit card