Samsung Galaxy S II now $69.99 and HTC Sensation $0.01 on 3-year at Best Buy


  • tom

    wow what an amazing deal for samsung galaxy s2 now their gonna sell big, new blackberry’s are now way over priced compared to these prices for 10 times the phone

  • neo

    too bad they havent released it for rogers..or telus yet if they plan on doing it …this is a way better deal than the new blackberry’s

  • hank

    yep I’m gonna pick me up a sgs2 right now, I was thinking bout getter a new blackberry 9900 but their way over priced for a basic blackberry. but looking at the sgs2 specs and at this price no second guessing now. I will be there in 10 minutes and getting 3 of them, one for me, one for my wife, one for my daughter.

    • Sean

      Can you adopt me ?

  • MXM4K

    Yep, this is getting pretty typical. If the phone isn’t made by Apple, then the prices on 3 year deals drops fast after the initial surge of the release date.

    A little bit of patience when it comes to these devices goes a long way.

    That is of course if you want to sign a 3 year deal.

  • hank

    and I will get them unlocked and then use them on koodo, since koodo has the best plans in Canada right now. And I will just sell our old phones to pay off the contracts when I cancel tomorrow after signing up today

    • Stupid

      Just buy it off for $629.
      You’ll pay less than buying on contract and then canceling.

  • Dave

    Do you think they are having problems selling the HTC Sensation? I wonder if HTC made an error with going exclusive with Bell on that phone.
    Aside…Rogers please pull a Bell in the coming weeks, I need a bad a$$ phone. My BB8900 is horrible compared to any new device.

  • nicholas

    how much are bell’s early cancellation fees?
    what would be the total cost if bought today and canceled service tomorrow?

    • Anon

      $20/month to the max of your term up to $400 + a $200 data credit charge = $600. + $35 to connect the phone. + The cost to unlock.

    • Stupid

      Plus tax on all of that. ^

      Just get it off for $629 shipped. It’ll cost less.

  • paul

    nope not if your in Quebec, only need to pay whats left on the cost of the phone.

  • Hank

    I’m going to sell our Cr@ppy Iphone 4’s for over $500 each total $1500 for 3. $479 to cancel each contract total= $1437, I will still be up $63 bucks in my pocket which will pay off the 3 unlocks. so in total will not cost me a thing, this will just be a lesson to bell.

  • Hank

    and oh ya, I use a Quebec address, but live in Ontario hehe lol, so ya I only have to pay off whats left to pay whats owed from the phones costs as per Quebec new policy

  • melll

    This coming to Virgin mobile too, the virgin mobile store kiosk itself? If so I can swap my current bb 9780 for a s2. Anyone know???

  • Randy

    hey Hank ya thats a good Idea. I’m going to best buy and do the same thing. I also have a Iphone 4 I just sold today. This Iphone sucks. Ever since I’ve read online about the samsung galaxy s2 I wanted one right away, and now this is a big plus. I’m about 2 minutes away from best buy now. And I will buy it for $69.99 and sign the 3 year contract and then cancel tomorrow. and I will also just have to pay around $400 for cancellation fee’s cause I too I’m using a Quebec address just for this very reason , because Quebec has a new cancellation policy. I sold my Iphone 4 for $550 today and then just cancel Bell and pay $400 bucks or so, I will be a head $150 bucks or so. take away unlocking fee. And this will not cost me a thing to do as well.

  • SamTron

    What’s with Sept. 7th/8th for end of sales lately. Has to be a big announcement e.g. IPhone 5/Nexus Prime.

    • Sean

      Apple is holding an announcement on september 7th

  • Hank

    Yep just finished at best buy, got myself 3 sgs2’s and its so funny, just as I left best buy, I called Bell and I canceled the contract right away. They were kinda confused to why I’m canceling so fast, I told them I had found a better service provider at Koodo mobile. They tried to convince me to stay, and said we will give you 6gb of data blah blah blah, I told them I already have this with Koodo mobile. I told them send me the cancellation bill as soon as possible, and I will pay it since I’m going to be selling the cr@ppy Iphone 4’s I have.

    • al

      hmm, well, i may be interested in talking them off your hands; lol..!!

  • Randy

    just walked out of best buy now with a brand new shiny samsung gs2 wow is it ever amazing phone. I will be calling Bell tomorrow to cancel. I’m doing this cancellation to teach Bell a lesson. yes I now I could of bought it outright today, but I’m just teaching Bell a lesson. So they’ll get why I signed up then canceled the next day. Is because they over charge on monthly plans and give little with the plans. This way they have more cancellations in their system when it comes to quarterly numbers.

  • nicholas

    @hank are you forced to pay 30 days of service when you do that?

    • Stupid

      You can cancel your new contract unless you used 30 minutes of talk time or have had the phone 30 days.

      If you’re over either of those you can’t cancel your contract.

  • randy

    @nicholas no your not, as per CRTC and the commissioner of complaints for telecommunication service rules no telecommunication service can charge you a 30 day charge of service is you did not use the full 30 days of service. Its actually against the law as well to charge customers for a service that the said customer did not use. its like going to a gas station and filling your gas tank half way, but the gas station charging you for a full tank of gas. They can not do that, nor can a cellphone company

  • nicholas

    @randy thanks for clarifying!

  • trevor

    exactly, they can only charge you for what you use, thats it. if its only one day, thats all they can charge you by law.

  • workinwireless

    Just be wary of the fact that even though you do have a 14 day buyer remorse period. the service provider has the right to charge you the cost of the phone as well as the cancellation, if they do not get the phone returned to them. I have had customers that were charged for the cost of the phone from plans that were cancelled but the phone were not return to the service provider. You might teach bell a lesson but they could teach you too.

  • jon

    Could someone help me, here in ontario what would be my total cost for going in, signing for 3 years and then canceling the next day? Do i still have to pay the 70 bucks for the phone or just the cancellation fee?

    • WirelessCluelessGuru

      Can someone please help jon here because I am in Ontario as well and if I am going to sign up with Bell for a SGS2 I am going to be using an address in Ontario, so what will be the costs for me if I sign up then cancel the next day? Also please Explain! Thanks in advance!

      SO FROM my UNDERSTANDING is that:
      $70 + tax for the phone
      $35 + tax for the activation(easily arguable)
      approx. $10 + tax for 1 day of service
      $400 + tax for the early termination fee
      $200 + tax for the Data Credit charge

      End note — This is more expensive than buying phone all out so why are people making contract and then canceling, other than the Quebecois which don’t pay the 400 or 200 but the rest of the price of the phone.

  • nicholas

    @jon seems like you would pay:

    $70 + tax for the phone
    $35 + tax for the activation
    $XX + tax for 1 day of service
    $400 + tax for the early termination fee

    someone please correct me if i am wrong

    • jon

      so is there no 200 data credit like someone else mentioned?

  • brando

    best buy got the Atrix going for 0.01 on 3yr. too, 3 of the 4 superphones for cheap nice

  • name

    oh wait Samsung Hercules comming to Telus this year (december 31) probably 200$ for a 3 years contrat

  • John

    or what you could do is sign up for 3 year contract get the samsung galaxy s2 for $69.99 and then give someone $100 bucks and give them your old phone for taking over your bell contract. Total cost to you, $169.99. still pretty cheap for getting a superphone.

  • FranktheTank

    Wait how are people in Ontario using Quebec addresses at best buy? I have some friends and family members in Quebec so I would like to to try this?

    Also whats the break down if you use a Quebec address?
    70 + tax for the phone
    $35 + tax for the activation
    $400 + tax for the early termination fee

    Total approx $570, correct?

  • Tom@BBM

    Wow. Typical, the week im going to Cuba, prices on the best phones take a dump…im going to miss out on sooooooo many sales…

  • John

    No tax for me, cause I have a native status card, and no there’s no activation charge, so for me I pay in total $470 for phone and cancellation. and its free if you think about it. I got a brand new Iphone 4 on contract, I ended up selling the Iphone for over $550, then buy the sgs2 for $70 and then pay $400 to cancel. I still made $80 in my pocket, and I got myself a super duper superphone for free. And even better I get to teach Bell a lesson in on how people will screw your company. And yes using a family or friends Quebec address for your drivers license is good to cheat the system. and specially for car insurance its way cheaper in Quebec.

  • John

    and plus theres no tax on the cancellation fee, only tax on the phone you buy for $69.99. because the cancellation fee isn’t a service. they can only charge tax on your voice and data service because thats a service they gave you. cancellation isn’t a service.

    • Stupid

      You people better read the TOS because it pretty damn clearly says there is tax on the cancellation fees.

      “If we end your Agreement and the Services before the end of your Service Commitment Period as a result of your non-payment or other breach of the Agreement, you must pay (i) an amount, plus applicable taxes, equal to the greater of (a) $100 or (b) $20 per month for each month remaining in your Service Commitment Period, to a maximum of $400, due to termination of your monthly rate plan; and (ii) an amount plus applicable taxes, equal to the Data Credit divided by the total number of months in the Service Commitment Period, multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Service Commitment Period after termination, due to termination of your data plan or feature which you committed to receive during the Service Commitment Period. Both amounts (plus applicable taxes) shall be payable if we terminate both monthly rate and data plans, or a combined monthly rate and data plan, before the end of your Service Commitment Period.”

  • Sammy

    your right John. With the tax law. companies can only charge tax on two (2) things. 1. a Product and 2. a service given to a customer
    Cancellation is not a service nor a product thus can not charge a tax on that amount. The amount you owe for a cancellation fee must only be the true amount thats owed. Its like borrowing money from a friend, then you pay him back, do you pay your friend tax on the money you owed him, no you don’t. same goes with a cellphone company. You basically borrowed the cellphone that they gave you in order to stay with that company for a term of 3 years. If you decide to break the term, then you must then back that said company for what is left to pay what is owed from the cellphone they loaned you, minus how many months you had already paid into that 3 year term. No company in the world charges tax on money owed from a loan. but they can charge interest. but cellphone companies do not charge interest. just a cancellation fee.

  • replytothisnews

    John, How come you pay only $400 + $70 to cancel the whole thing, even in quebec?
    So total phone cost – $70 = $400?

  • tron

    Lmao leave it to a native to know how to screw the system. Nice job John you’re really teaching a multi-billion dollar company a lesson here.

  • Zomby

    It’s got 1 Gb of RAM, but 16 Gb of storage space

  • Saffant

    Hmm.. Just bought a Galaxy SII day before yesterday on contract for $170 :/ and now this offer comes up… anyway i can save myself some $$ whilst keeping the semi-decent plan that i got and the $50 credit?

  • D Rock

    I have a corporate plan and I’m eligible for an upgrade. I was told by my rep that I had to buy the new phone at their store and they’re still charging $169.99. Does that make any sense?

  • diablo2070

    I called Bell Retention Service and they told me the cost of cancellation in Québec is the rebate you’ve got on the phone, that’s all. Since the phone is 599$ and the 3 years contract price is 169$, it is 430$ and they tax it. It means overall, the phone will cost you 575$ in Québec, NOT 70$ (80$ with taxes) + 400$ = 480$ 🙁

  • Claude

    nope they can not by law tax the cancellation fee, no matter what they say, its against CCTS and CRTC and tax laws. YOu can still fight it. just because they say they can, doesn’t mean they can by law. Companies can only tax on a product or service and a cancellation fee is not a service or product.

  • diablo2070

    Are you sure about that? It’s not more like a “product” since it’s the rebate on a product? If so it would mean the cost would be of 80+430 = 510$ wich is quite good.

  • jon

    does charge tax if im from ontario? i’ve never bought from there so i want to know before i do

  • akeem

    i just got my sensation from bestbuy last week for 149.99+ tax am i able to use their lowest price guarantee policy to get my money back and 10%? please answer asap 🙂

  • diablo2070

    I just went to Bestbuy and the girl told me that if I cancel, the price of cancellation fee will be 100$ higher (530 instead of 430) because all what matters is the price I paid the phone. I don’t know if she’s right, but if so, there is no advantage of buying it that way, especially that this fee is taxable, because Bell is billing it as a part of product or something like that. I’m disapointed.

  • FranktheTank

    Is Bell’s DECF $200 or $100?

  • astudent

    does anyone know about the stock situation? like how fast do they replenish it? because i’m wondering if i should get this now or when i come back from vacation on september 1. keep in mind that i leave for school on september 4. any help is appreciated. thanks.

  • Lucas


  • david

    apparently the $69 is only good for new activation’s, if your an existing bell customer you get screwed and have to pay the full $169, even if your contract is done, thanks again bell! and yes, you could cancel your service and start a new account, but lose your phone number and any plan or retention offers. i guess bell really wants me to look around at the competition!