Rogers BlackBerry comparison doc says Wi-Fi calling is coming for 9900, 9810, 9860 in future upgrade


  • james k

    that blows about the OS 6 devices and wifi sucks too. Android FTW

    • Anony

      BBs have supported UMA over in europe for quite some time now, this must be a rogers limitation or restriction not a BB thing.

    • chall2k5

      Rogers want to make sure that the software and network infrastructure can handle (reliable) UMA connections…..UMA over dial-p or satellite (or any other high latency/jitter connection) for example is doomed to fail

  • user

    Another future update card. Didn’t they say Playbook would be able to run Android apps? Some sales even tried to sell that to me. Let’s hope those features do come soon enough before RIM becomes history.

  • brian c

    You would think that they would get rid of the Curve 8520 from the lineup… it’s so dated…

  • M1LK

    Blackberry is going about this all wrong… As blasphemous as this may sound, they should adopt the apple iphone model and release a good solid business phone once a year.

    IE 1 version of the bold, curve, and pearl. They’ve over saturated the market with phones that can’t compete with other smart phones such as the apple iphone, or samsungs galaxy SII line up, or even HTC’s smartphones (not all as some are just phony s**t phones)

    RIM is losing its market, its losing their investors and frankly its losing the war of phones.

    RIM had a good thing going. They had secure emails, secure messaging, an excellent battery life, and a great reception.

    They should focus on those strengths and invest time in addressing their weaknesses such as the UI, their web browser and etc.

    RIM first came out as a company that appealed to the business sector but they got sidetracked by the idea of appealing to the public sector as well.

    Let me just point something out. If you make a good product, it doesn’t matter who the target audience was, people are going to clamor towards it because it’s a good product.

    IE. The iphone. We can say the target audience was to the general public, who would potentially want a nice phone with smartphone features such as internet, web browsing and email.

    Yet despite not being targeted to the business sector or the business oriented audience, they also wanted the phone because it looked ‘cool’ it looked like a ‘fun’ phone.

    RIM needs to get their act together.


    what do you mean by “even HTC’s smartphones (not all as some are just phony s**t phones)”?

    HTC’s beast you dumb s**t

  • S S

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    Keep up the good work!

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    Alway wanted one and what a great contest!

  • Drae

    2 of the 2 people I know who have tried to take advantage of UMA service on Rogers have ended up giving up on it. My friend signed up for a UMA plan but could barely every get a solid connection through wifi. They ended up switching plans since there was no point paying for a service they weren’t getting.

    UMA on my 8900 stopped working after about a year. I wasn’t on a plan (so it deducted my minutes) but it helped fill in the dead zones in my house – until it stopped connecting altogether.

    UMA is great – when it works.

    • tom

      Robbers changed the WiFi calling policy. You NEED to pay to get WiFi calling. PERIOD. For your UMA to stop working together, blame them.

      WiFi calling only works if you are in Canada. Unless you can get a VPN working.

  • Paul Q

    M1LK that’s exactly what RIM needs to do and everyone knows it. I wonder what’s so hard about that?

  • rob

    This is rediculous! When the hell is the uma update coming out?