Bell to release the BlackBerry Torch 9860 August 22nd, WiFi Hotspot available “post launch”


  • sean

    First I’ve heard about them having wifi hotspots…

  • KidCanada

    K sweet. I was a bit worried they’d ditch the hotspot functionality prior to reading this

  • punjabi

    why are they releasing this so late? it better be the cheapest just like in India.

  • m

    you mean aka storm 3 not storm 2.

  • Alex Perrier

    * Claps hands sarcastically, especially for Wi-Fi Hotspot. *

  • Sean

    I admit the 9860 has pretty good specs (1.2 ghs and 768? ram) i mean most phones are still launching with 1ghz and 512 ram but it’s the OS if it had gingerbread or WP7 on it i could see it doing really well the fact is people don’t want the same BB os. I admit i’m not a big BB fan but if they had it with a different os and a decent price it could do a killing instead of being massacred. Trying to sell these at the price they are is just wrong

    • Stephen81BB

      If it had Android or Wp7 it would just be another slab,

      BBOS has some great features, I’ll admit I’m a Keyboard LOVER I can’t live without a keyboard every time I try it costs me way to much time, that said I actually really like BBOS, the QNX OS for the PlayBook is missing so much of what makes BBOS great, and BBOS7 is a BEAUTIFUL step above OS6, I’m rocking OS7 on my 9900 today and the subtle changes are great.

  • Thomas


    Umm no, the 9530 was the Storm, and 9550 is the Storm 2.

    Although in actuality it will be part of the Torch line, as the Storm line is associated with utter failure.

  • dan

    why somebody would get this phone over the samsung galaxy s 2 is beyond me

    • aka

      @ dan & others

      idk, someone that needs BBM or access to BES or secured email access required personally or through their company? just saying..

      kinda tired reading these lame “why would anyone want to buy this” comment. People have their reasons, and it’s about choice. Not everyone will agree with your choice for a phone.

  • Ted

    3 year @ $199


    So it costs more than the Samsung Galaxy S2, the iPhone4, and the Atrix and the HTC Evo 3D??


    Who’d buy this pos

    Why does it have a trackball if it is a touchscreen?

  • Peter B

    I think the BlackBerry Obsolete 9900 and the Obsolete 9810 are overpriced.


  • Mitch

    They have a track pad and a touch screen because some of us aren’t very touch screen friendly. Like myself, I think its gonna be perfect being able to use a keyboard and a track pad when you are in a mega rush or have only one hand available at work. Its a perfect blend in my eyes!

  • aka

    about half the cost of the phone is for the materials required, the other half I suspect pays for the manufacturing / assembly, packaging, R&D, distribution channels, license/royalty agreements, regulatory fees, etc..

    if you suspect the dual-core chips vs single-core chips makes a huge difference in price, your would be wrong, in volume shipments, maybe we’re talking at most dimes difference per chip.

  • Alex

    So with this wifi hotspot will I be able to use my iPod touch and ipad with my blackberry Internet? If so I def think that would be awesome!

    • LC

      @ Alex
      Yes, the update is supposed to come in a few months so the phone can run as a hotspot. so you can attach your IPad or any other wifi enabled device to it

  • Cheap Ink

    This is absolutely great news! It is good to know that BlackBerry is on its way to reclaim the spot that gave them a great reputation in terms of mobile devices.

  • Paul Q

    Lmao @ “powerful” processor.

    How can they say that with a straight face?

    • DontThinkSoTim

      So your saying the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Vibrant, Iphone4, HTC Incred S, and so on, are are weak phones, due to their single cores? 1.2GH processor is a “powerful” processor. I’m sad to say but you have been taken over by the “dual-core” marketing scheme. Mobile devices at this point don’t even utilize this half the time, a powerful single core serves it’s purpose just right.

    • Paul Q

      Yes. I am. Have you used google maps on a Galaxy S2? Marketing my a*s. The dual core processor is faster than most computers at putting up a full version website.

  • Pierre D

    Too bad RIM still wont make a good smarty phone that will run Skype!

  • SWB1983

    I was able to play with the Torch 9860 from someone I know who works at RIM. For a Blackberry, it is a fantastic phone and feels good and blows all the others out of the water. Too bad compared to everything non blackberry it is still outdated. But if you are a blackberry fan I suggest skipping the 9900 and 9810 and get the 9860.

  • PhoneGuy

    Seems to be alot of uninformed BB Haters out there reading up and spamming innaccurate comments on these new phones. What’s up with that haters? Try using Google and check your facts before you post. You do know how to use the Google don’t you?

  • Marco Polo

    I have been waiting for a new blackberry, but am getting tired of waiting for rim to get its act together. I need the wifi hotspot to pair with other devices and can’t wait for sometime in the future….. arghhhh!