Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 pricing revealed


  • Omar

    Wow, Rogers. What a rip off.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. I swear if the prices we saw is true for the 9900 bold for $249.99 it will be the biggest mistake. They are just trying to get money from people. All you have to do anyways is tell the costumer Representative that you found a better deal at Virgin & they will give you that price. I have done it before with the 9800 & the 9780.

    • Alex Perrier

      Welcome to BlackBerry Mathematics 101. Here’s your first lesson:

      . Almost $600 phone at Virgin
      – $50 less at Rogers
      – Video Calling

      Class dismissed. Students, take these calculations in consideration when comparing smartphones. BlackBerry will be staying at school for another year, taking classes from Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin.

      Note: i was really hoping for something breathtaking from BlackBerry. But once again, they disappoint. Yes, i’ve commented on the “Virgin gets dummy devices” page, but tkmhis just makes me so sad that Canadian-based RIM just doesn’t get it. As Google Talk and Facetime allow video chats, RIM omits this feature in BBM!? Yeah, okay, makes as much sense as that little Mario-esque message notification tone. WAKE UP RIM AND BLACKBERRY! THIS IS 2011!

    • Alex Perrier

      Sorry, that was supposed to be a math formula:
      Almost $600 phone at Virgin (MINUS) $50 less at Rogers (MINUS) Video Calling (EQUALS) EPIC FAILURE!

    • Alex Perrier

      If only people would provide valid arguments instead of thumbing down without explanation…

    • lolz

      These are NOT deals at all. $600 for a LOCKED phone? C’mon!!!

  • Sean

    Really need better one/two year contract pricing …

    I really want a two year one that i’d be willing to settle for it being +100 on the three year pricing but we all know that will never happen

    • Lucas

      @Sean I agree, I seem to have a tendency to want to change my phone every 6-10 months. Having a 2 year contract would mean less phone changes (so, cheaper.) and what i don’t get is that in the US the standard is a 2 year (i don’t even think they do 3 year) yet the phones are the same price 🙁

  • Alexander

    To be honest, as sexy as the Bold Touch is, those prices will make it a fairly difficult decision to jump ship from my droid..

  • Strawberry guy

    … and people here were complaining as if it were RIM’s fault. BIG 3 would take your first born if they were allowed to.

  • KidCanada

    I just wish rim had went with 1500mAh battery instead of downgrading to the 1270mAh, wouldve been awesome deal at the end but oh well :/

  • Functionality Fan

    I can’t believe these phones are so expensive when they do so little compared to cheaper Android phones and even the iPhone.

  • Lucas

    Now, why on earth would I buy this phone for $150-$250 when i could get the SGS2 for $160…?

  • choy

    Finally some competition. I have a feeling Rogers will introduced a “limited time promo price”.

    Hopefully the same pricing competition comes out for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is why it sucks if a phone or tablet is exclusive to one company, there’s no possibility of price competition.

  • Nauuman

    Well Lucas, people that want a keyboard will pay for this. People that like BB’s for their own reasons will buy this.

    And for once RIM has put out a phone that has a good browsing experience without the damn spinning clock.

    I am excited about the 9900 as well, one of the best physical keyboards ever.

    And Rogers should revisit their pricing, especially with the made up $35 fee when you upgrade.

  • Stu

    nope… no way i would lock myself in with a 3 year contract (or any contract for that matter) on any of these devices. they’re going to be completely redundant unless RIM is going to make the OS on these devices upgradeable to QNX when their new line of phones come out in Q1 2012… and I haven’t heard anything outside of wild speculation that that is going to happen at all. It’s really too bad because I want to support RIM – I was considering going from iPhone to BB in spite of the OS situation but not at that price… nope, no way

  • Jim

    Seems to be a case of Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don’t :-\

    Both suck

  • jimie

    Well. Its obv its a better deal than rogers by far..but imo…the bold 9900 and torch 2 have features that were so 2009-2010, 5 mp camera…1ghz processor…shitty apps…meh. All new devices coming out with the same price have double the features. If your a teen bopper that just want to txt or a dude that wears suits and emails 24/7…than this phone is for you. other than that its all thats it good for.

  • LC

    I find the BB’s are similar to what a Mac computer was back in the day. Lower market share, but obviously superior device (stable OS, reliable communications device — voice, text, email) however not supported by as many applications (mobile apps). Droid and IOS are being hacked with malware and personal information is being stolen (just like PC’s did). It costs just as much and or more than Droid/IOS offerings.

    I think the Droid/BB/IOS debate can go on forever. But lets face it. for people who want a COMMUNICATIONS device, they will go with a BB. For people who want a GAME/TIME WASTER device, they will go for IOS or Droid. Being a BB user, I’d say to those i****s who ask stupid questions like “Why would I get this BB if I can get a SGSII for $XXX with a billion apps” — Why would anyone get a droid or IOS device when they can get a PSP for $150???”

    • Andrew

      I agree with most of what you said other then stable OS Blackberry OS isnt that stable how often do you have to do a battery pull usually once a day if not more just because the device slows down due to memory leaks. MY bold 9780 I know i was doing at least 2 a day and i was runnning leaked OS’s as well hoping for a cure.

      No smartphone has had a rock solid OS maybe iPhone but thats the only type of phone i have never owned to limiting in what you can do unless you jailbreak the device.

    • Chris

      I agree with no os is rock solid, but frequent battery pulls aren’t an issue for everyone. My storm 9550 rarely requires a battery pull and the storm series is arguably RIM’s most buggy phones.

  • LC

    I’ll give you the stable OS critcism. Many have experienced the memory leak issue and thankfully I have only had it to a far lesser extent than you (9700). My brother’s 9780 has no leak issues. But that’s another topic entirely.

    Let’s replace that with signal strength and call quality? People can’t tell the difference between a land line and a BB when you speak to them over the phone. Also, instances where friends and family with IOS and Android devices are in one spot (condo) I am frequently asked “Can I use your phone? I have no signal.” — all on the same carrier. Again re-enforces the fact that people who want solid communicators will go with a BB.