Mobilicity to enter distribution relationship with select Walmart locations


  • Alexander

    Well, at least they’re getting out there. I’ve never seen any outlets or booths before, even in rather large malls.

  • Alex Perrier


    *breathes in and out*

    The problem with stores like Zellers is that they made worse mistakes that Eaton’s did: be nostalgic to the point that the store is outdated and poorly managed. As an aside, RIM has basically the same problem, hurting the Canadian economy and work field. Can’t comment on Aubergine, because it only lasted about two years.

    Futhermore, Zellers’ messy stores means that 1. Mobilicity products were hidden, then later poorly displayed and 2. USA-based Target will buy many Zellers stores in an attempt to show Canadian HOW to run a store after both Eaton’s and Zellers slipped and collapsed.

    Going back to Mobilicity, Walmart knows their stuff. Their cell phone display is neat and tidy, and the value of Mobilicity goes hand-in-hand with Walmart’s “Save money…” slogan. As much as i dislike Walmart for being unethical, this is another way that American businesses are managing to be financially prosperous.

    Oh, by the way, Canadian businesses, please… WAKE UP! :'(

    • Alex Perrier

      One thing that’s gonna help both RIM and Mobilicity: CheapBerry! 😀
      But, i have to say, that Spice is tempting. Even with Éclair only. 😐

  • Reggie Noble

    This is a big step. Once Mobilicity and Wind get into Wal-mart, Futureshop and Bestbuy, the challenge begins.

    • WirelessBoy

      The reality is that Wind and/or Mobi might never get into Future Shop/Best Buy because the Big3 will pull their business from those stores and FS/BB do not want that to happen.

    • mda

      Rogers, bell and telus will never as a whole agree to lease FS or BB because who’s to say that one of them is not going to jump quickly back to FS/BB once they all leave.
      And the three of them just can’t agree with one another and they don’t trust each other in the least.
      No, there is every chance that wind/mobi will get into FS and BB.

  • Lucas

    now walmart officially does EVERYTHING.

  • happyboy

    maby this will halp if mobilicity and wind to get out ther with walmart and start geting more revenue to bild out more so i can join the lake if network is the only drow back

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    reggie wind is going to best buy/fs.. do not be silly. Can you fathom the headaches for the staff.. such is life.. mobli yet again leads while por wind just sits and lets the dealer network do as they please! Buy a wok get a phone! thats madness!

  • TCom

    Wind is not getting into best buy nor walmart. They don’t like wind and think they provide a garbage product

  • TCI_Azzzyann


    Do something .. !!!

  • roman129

    Wind should step up on distribution. Blockbuster was dumb. They need to get to find a way into big box stores.

  • J Douchet

    Good thing Walmart has a 60 return policy. Mobilicity is a trash product.

    • Alex Perrier

      Some exceptions may apply.

  • KettleCorn

    IIRC, Best Buy doesn’t stock Wind/Mobi/Public because their policy is that if they sell a phone, it should have coverage at all of their locations

  • MARS

    You can’t even get reception in a Wal-Mart with Wind/Mobi so you would have to place the booth near the front doors!!!

    I don’t even bother bringing my Wind phone into shopping malls or big box stores because my reception cuts off as soon as I walk in….

    The AWS frequency doesn’t have very good building penetration.

  • Thomas Hawk

    Congrats Mobi!

  • Jeremy

    MARS: I used to find that on WIND, but lately it hasn’t been an issue. I’ve been able to go deeper into stores than before (and when I was on 7-Eleven/Rogers I had the same issues). Perhaps WIND has actually been increasing the output power and/or adding towers?

    I don’t think it’s necessarily AWS, but rather the number, placement, and power output of towers that makes the bigger difference.

  • TrickyD

    This is a very smart move for Mobilicity. Not only does it pinpoint their exact market, tons of people go to these stores every day. They will get much more attention than they have been, Wind would be wise to strike a deal to do the same A.S.A.P.

    • 0defaced

      now THAT my friend, would involve Wind actually having “tact, marketing know-how, and not being dumb enough to buy into a company that was already headed south”.