Bell announces Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and Torch 9860 (Bold 9900 has “Approx retail value $599.95 Cdn”)


  • jb

    its not the best network its the worst network

    • bob

      Bell’s network is fine
      It covers something like 96% of canadians with HSPA+. Rogers gets 90% with HSPA+ and 95% with GSM.

      Problem is price, support, policies, etc.

    • Zack

      Actually, In Canada if your company advertises something, it must be true. Bell does have the best network. Rogers calls it “Canada’s reliable network”. See?

  • Kardi

    I’d prefer a contest for the Torch 9860 to be perfectly honest! 🙂

  • TomatoGuy

    Bold 9900 and Samsung Galaxy S II at the same price. Who would be dumb enough to pick the former?

    • aka

      Because your company phone needs BES to access your corporate email, calendar, contacts..? Because all your friends are on BBM..Just saying..

  • TheTigerTek

    Why does all the carriers claim to have the best network..I’m going to have to get the 9900 unlocked because I know Fido won’t carry it. DAMN YOU FIDO!!!

    • aka

      How else do you expect them to advertise? “We have a mediocre network”?

  • adam

    i really thought they would charge more like 499 maybe 549 to make it more attractive. charging the same or more than the hotter more in demand phones is definitely not a good idea in my opinion

  • Reg

    I’m not too crazy about the pricing structure either. To be competitive, they’d have to keep the same pricing as they have now:

    9810 at $99.95 to $149.95
    9900 at $49.95 to $99.95

    As to buying one outright, the $600 price point is high in comparison to what you can get i.e. iPhone 4, HTC Sensation, SG2

    Looks like we’re having a sale to clear the 9780/9800s out to make room for the new lineup!

  • aa

    599CDN? Is Rim stupid or what?

    • Ger

      @aa It’s the carrier that sets the no-contract pricing, not RIM. That’s why Koodo was able to sell their Curve 3G for $225 while many other carriers had it for $399 or more because it makes it seem like the customer is getting a deal when signing for three years (“Oh wow, a $500 rebate!”).

  • Graham J

    I heard some carriers were receiving dummy phones. I guess these are them.

  • Carlos

    T-Mobile in the U.S is going to have the 9900 for $300 on 2 year contract.. damn why are they putting these prices so high

  • wes

    is this going to be coming in white as well? hmmmm…

  • jb

    bels network in bc seriusly sucks it might be good on other provicnes here it is onyl rogers who is good and mobilicity where they have coverage i think that mobilicity and wind have better coverage in their zones then bell. i have bell prepaid and i only get one or 2 bars

    • Jerrik

      @jb: I completely disagree with you 100%. Bell’s network is fantastic in BC. I get better service with Bell than my friends do with Rogers. Bell has a superior network than Rogers. Just my opinion.

  • jb

    in 90 percent of the schools in bc bell has no network where they have 1 bar rogers has 4 or 5 bars i no there some places where rogers suck and bell rocks and some places bell sucks and rogers rocks
    rogers cover 96 percent hspa plus
    and 98 percent gsm

    • aka

      comparing urban coverage between the big3 is moot, you can take the same argument in a different location/building, and the reverse will be true.

      what you should be comparing is remote locations like highways outside of the city limits, national parks, etc..

  • Enzo

    is RIM insane? 600 dollars for a new bb with 2008 specs!?
    RIM wont survive for long with these ridiculous price points

    i guess they’ll have to learn the hard way when they realize that no one is buying them

    • Bob

      2008? So the iPhone 4 has 2007 specs?