TELUS launching HTC Status on July 29th


  • Jay

    this should battle nicely against bell/virgin/sasktel samsung galaxy s2 and rogers htc evo 3d/optimus 3d


    • Kenypowa

      Actually the phone is very well made. The keyboard is a pleasure to type on. I know it is easy to make fun of “Facebook” phone but this is a great messaging device. It’s not aimed at SII or EVO 3D demographics. For teenagers, this phone is quite cool.

    • Stimulator

      Actually I think the phone is a good competitor for the current BB lineup! Not sure if that means much though…

    • TEK.GADG

      Teens will be getting this one, not the Galaxy S II.

    • Shamu

      I am waiting for TELUS’ GSII

  • SamTron

    Just don’t see the market for this. What about would make people give up their BB’s? Not saying its bad, I am just hoping that Telus can give us better soon…

    • kenypowa

      Sam, this phone can play Angry Birds flawlessly.

      The same can not be said for any BB devices. -)

  • bilybob

    Everyone else is getting SGS2 and we (Telus) get this? Fail. When is Telus coming out with another high-end Android phone?

  • Dilkatron

    WOW telus thanks. What’s going to be your next new phone. The moto razor!!

  • Bob

    This is ridiculous! Other providers are promoting high end dual core phones and Telus releases this crap! If you are striving for mediocrity and want to remain the #3 carrier in Canada, well done Telus! Who picks your phones? The animals in your commercials?

  • Len

    Yeah telus is really droping the ball as of late.
    They went from one of the best smartphone line ups to one of the worst??


  • Hilman

    This phone has a high build quality, snappy keyboard and HTC Sense running Gingerbread and is only $250 (no contract)! Definitely a great inexpensive mid-level phone for those who do a lot of messaging, the wife is going to get this to replace her pink Razr lol.

    Having said that, TELUS has dropped the ball recently with regards to high end phones and better get the Sensation and GS2, stat!

  • hiewro \

    I dont know why all of you think the SGS2 is in everyones price range. $169 for a phone with a 3 year contract?! This isnt a phone for a heavy data user, just someone who wants android cheap.

    And while everyone says TELUS’s line up sucks, the LG Optimus Black is still a great phone. Its just overshadowed by the SGS2 and Samsung Infuse.

  • Bleven

    Telus surprised me here. I figured it’d be more expensive than the Wildfire S.

    It kind of makes a farce of the $400 USD price that AT&T asks for this same phone in the states.

  • patrick

    okay telus you’re given us the status for kids so when are we gonna get a smartphone for the adults because bell has a few . htc incredible ,samsung galaxy 2 , htc sensation just to mention a few. and let us not forget rogers they have big boy phones 2 .htc evo 3d ,lg optimus 2 * wow telus your fallen behind the big boys but guess what the samsung hercules is coming to canada and it is a big boy phone so please do not lose this phone to bell

  • Matt

    I’ve been a fan of hardware keyboards for many years. I used the HTC Dream (G1), then the Motorola Milestone (Droid). I’m currently using a Nexus S which is great but the on-screen keyboards are all terrible. (swype, stock ginger, swiftkey, etc).

    I am looking forward to the HTC Status since I don’t game or surf on my phone. The hardware call/send, and end key is a welcome return, as well there is privisions to attach a lanyard, something long forgotten by many manufacturers.