Concept: Samsung “Galaxy Skin” combines 4-inch flexible display and Android “Flexy”


  • They see me throlling, they hatin’

    This is the future.
    Nuff’ Said

    • rg

      I’d opt for the Extended warranty with this phone

  • Kemist

    This looks insane Thumbs up

  • Natasha

    haha. Android Flexy! lol but looks SWEEEEET!

  • Cass_m


  • rikin

    W0W. This looks super cool. End of iPhones is getting closer and closer.

  • ELNY

    What??? How??? Samsung can’t do this because OBVIOUSLY Apple will sue them for patent infringement! We all KNOW that Apple came up with the arbitrary idea of a phone with a touchscreen!! Come on Samsung, come up with your own ideas!

  • rayn

    If or when this comes out. Im getting it. End of story. This just looks awesome. More comfortable to use (or wear), convenient and just plain cool.

  • northy


    i can see the cicuitry wroking,, but the battery??

    • aviking

      I think the battery will be in the bottom square chunk below the screen. I was wondering why it was so big but I am guessing it’s where the battery is going to be.

  • Rimon

    WOW,but Nokia already came up with something like this a few years back. This looks so much better though

  • Adam

    The only issue with this screen, is it won’t be very durable. You can’t really get flexible glass, so Gorilla Glass is out of the question. the actual AMOLED screen is already flexible, it’s part of OLED technology that’s been aroudn for quite a while.

  • Sandman2749

    Runs off body heat I’m sure.

  • Matt

    You are all getting way too excited about a design concept that has taken NO technical or mechanical limitations into consideration whatsoever.

  • alex

    oohh WANT!

    I read something about a tablet that was power by the screen pressing action….but if its a watch imagine a self winding(charging) feature…

  • KidCanada

    Welcome to the future of smartphones. The flexibility of this phone literally blew my mind :O

  • Alex

    samsung really flexing their muscles now……. ha…….

  • GT

    While thin is nice….will it be too thin to be comfortable holding while making a call? Will it be rigid enough to use the touchscreen well? Remember the Razor? I remember people complaining that it was too thin.

  • Revtim

    Yeah, this isn’t all that original, I’ve seen similar concept art as soon as they started talking about flexible displays.

    But it IS very cool, it is almost certainly the next “big change” in mobile phones.

    As cool as my Droid X seems to me now, it’ll look look like a big piece of archaic crap once the thin twisty phones start coming out!

    I bet almost certainly within 5 years these will be common. At least I hope so!

  • Slype

    Neat concept… how long before it becomes reality? 3-4 years maybe? Who knows, the good thing is that people are thinking and pushing the boundaries of what we think is the best phone design (today’s phones).

    Now all we need is a patent troll to jump on this to drown this innovation too because that is what they do. They just patent ideas, not actual implementations or prototypes.

  • Derrick Lang

    Looks neat, but probably impractical.

    • Colin

      Yes just like flexible PC Keyboards, it was cool when you first saw one, and they are cheap, but look at what most people are using.

  • Harris

    Pretty colours and pictures make people go “wow” Even if it is beyond reality…

    No wonder iphone is still selling like hot cakes…

    What a zombie nation.

  • LeanNSupreme

    Damnnn! That looks insane!

  • Gray

    Will this replace my PIPBoy 3000?

  • sunny

    Nows your chance to take back the industry Telus!

  • drethos

    Wait did they get tony stark to make this???? Seriously that is nuts. And yes I want one!!!!! What next flexible flat screen TV’s…… dear lord nothing will be sacred to Samsung. Next instead of unboxing antv, laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc well have err unrollings. Crazy I tell you!!!! Eat it ios.

  • lewis

    Think the “concept” guys are missing the boat on all these concepts. To build this concept phone there are a load of technical and engineering obstacles to overcome. And the point I’m going to make is that if Samsung overcomes them, then why have a physical device at all. Why limit your design in any way shape or form we’re pretty much familiar with. Why bother making it “skinnier/thinner” or lighter or flexible?? The real phone of the future won’t really be recognizable as an accessory or as a device. An ear piece with a HUD display that tracks eye movement and gestures for IO will nicely replace existing and this concept device in the article. Why would I want to worry about an actual device if I could integrate my phone into my person?

  • P

    Wrist Cancer Please.

  • Ryan

    The next Razor, folks: lots of hype, no success.