RIM to cut 2,000 jobs this week


  • Kenypowa

    I wonder how many employees RIM has to lay off before firing its Co-CEOs. Mismanagement and lack of vision lead to its current predicament. The sooner a visionary CEO is appointed, the more likely future layoffs may be avoided.

    My heart goes to all the employees and families affected.

    • TomatoGuy

      And Apple is recruiting additional staff for fall iPhone 5 launch.

  • Joe

    I wanted to apply there for a business internship when I start university next year… looks like it’s not a good idea anymore 😛

  • yeahhhhhhhhh

    GOOD! fcking rate RIM. Thats what you workers get for supporting a company that has stolen apple tech

    • Telanis

      Really? Do you know how litigious Apple is? If RIM had stolen Apple tech they’d be neck-deep in lawsuits. You’re not making sense.

    • Rio

      I am as big a Apple Fanboy as you may be.

      But what ‘Apple Tech’ are you talking about?

      Also every competitor can be seen as ‘stealing’, even thought its not technically stealing.

      Apple of Android, Android of apple, Apple of BB, BB of android, Android of BB. Stop complaining so much

    • Seller

      its to bad its not your job thats being cut…. grow up.

  • Friko


  • Enzo

    Please use spell check Ian

    its “lose” not “loose”

    things like this make MobileSyrup look weak

    • Kenypowa

      well, technically “loose” is a correct word and spell check will not catch it. -)

  • Nasir

    As a former employee I saw this coming. Partially due to CEO’s but it is true RIM was growing too fast. And at that point they needed positions filled, anytime there was extra work a new job req was posted and approved.

    So there was a lot of people hired for the sake of filling a seat, and if it is getting rid of the “dead weight” then it is required. I just hope the talented people at RIM are not affected. A lot of times the people that are let go are the harder worker ones.

  • Brad

    And as a former Blackberry owner who found a better alternative elsewhere, I feel somewhat responsible. However, its up to RIM to figure out why people are leaving in droves and how to win them back(and win more as well)…..poor quality hardware? glitchy software? redundant, unevolving designs? limited apps? a clunky, unreliable Internet service? I love my android, but there is a lot I miss about my Blackberry, and if they improved their product I would be willing to give them a second chance next time I need a new phone. I just hope they’re still around then.

  • RES

    I don’t think RIM hardware is all that bad esp with the loss of the trackball for the trackpad (I’ve had the curve, tour and bold and love the form factor for BB’s) and while yes the software needs to be upgraded for the more savvy user I believe that’s in the works. I think that RIM will recover from the current situation eventually but it’s true stronger competition and more choice will not allow them to see the same sorts of sales they’ve had in their glory days. I’m interested to see where Apple will stack in 3-5 years time…

  • OMG Ponies!

    Employee moral at an all time low, high ranking execs jumping ship left right and center, consumer confidence down and almost out and to top it off investors are abandoning ship… I don’t see much of a light at the end of this tunnel… QNX too little too late? I hope not.

    • 0defaced

      i only “liked” your comment due to your fantastic username…..lol

      OMG PONIES!!!!!…..anyone else go to the Hastings track in the summertime?

  • Sunny

    Off the top of my head, the only differential advantage that BB still has is it’s secure servers. However, I don’t think I ever seen that listed on sites such as Wind or Rogers. It’s just marketed as another phone. Since, there hasn’t been any big attacks on Android or iPhones, I guess most normal people don’t think about it. Probably like getting one of those military spec phones. It’s more harden but most people can live with the trade off that other phones offer. Why get a BB when there are similar design phones that cost less if the secure server thing is not an issue?

  • DAMN

    Sorry but the average Blackberry user doesn’t give a damn about QNX or even know what it is!!!