Bell launching Samsung Galaxy Gio August 4th


  • mda

    Good of Samsung to target all types of people: those who want the best and those who want the decent.

  • Alex Perrier

    Phones purchased outright ought to already come unlocked, instead of narrowing down our choice of providers.

  • mike.r

    Dam bell is killing the Canadian market with androids!!!

    We should call them Android mobility instead of bell mobility!!! 🙂

    Way to go Bell!!

    • Kerri

      If Telus, Rogers, and possibly Fido, don’t get better phones and plans, then Bell could get the majority of customers whose contract had ended (if they haven’t already). If this keeps up, I would be worried of a monopoly-in-the-making.
      Come on, Telus and Rogers!

  • EraqEE

    Rogers is getting the HTC EVO 3D so they still have some decent Android phones. Telus is the 1 I’m worried about. It’s been a while since the HTC Desire HD.

  • Graham

    I don’t see this yet on Bell’s website… Any word on when it’s to be released in Ontario?

    • schultzter

      Yup, still not on the Bell web site or the Samsung Canada web site either!!! Samsung has a micro-site for the Galaxy Ace/Gio/Fit/Mini but there’s no “where to buy link” so what’s happening here?

    • fokus

      It comes out today on bell. *I work for bell.. so I know this to be true*

  • dw

    Im not going to lie, I dont really like bell, BUT! i’ll admit they do have the best phone lineup in canada right now.