Lenovo announces Android 3.1 powered “IdeaPad K1”


  • schultzter

    Ok, can someone explain the rationalization for having a vendor app store? From Lenovo’s point of view I can see how capturing a bit of the money from app sales sounds good, but as a consumer why would I go to store X which is a boutique featuring a few select items; or next door to the Android Market feature every single product ever made!

    I really hope the Android Market is available on the IdeaPad!

    • mmmGadgets

      Choice.. options.. diversity.. openess.. some of us enjoy the idea of shopping around

    • Adam

      Lenovo has always customized drivers and applications on their line of laptops as part of the “Lenovo Experience”. They claim they want to make it a smooth experience, that is customized exactly for their device, rather than having a “one size fits all” driver or app that most tablets/laptops use.

      It’s actually a pretty good idea, as Lenovo/IBM Thinkpads have long been a quite solid computer.

  • MXM4K

    Other than the Asus Transformer, there hasn’t been any Android tablets that have wow’ed me to the point where I would really want to buy one. The rest feel like carbon copies of each other.

    • Skrutor

      “Specs are impressive” … maybe “identical” would be a better word. I’m starting to wonder if there is some technical requirement for all android tablets to have the same internals. Or maybe everybody is just re-badging some off the shelf kit from a supplier in Taiwan. The upcoming archos g9 is the first tablet I’ve seen in a while to include some innovative features.

  • Claudiu Corbea

    Thank you Lenovo, but I’ll take the 10″ Lenovo Ideapad P1 with Windows 7. PC Windows 7 offers much more capabilities vs an Android Tablet. Sorry Google.

  • Nasir

    How many android tabs do we really need in the market? Most are 10.1 ” screens and offer exactly the same with screen res etc. Only differences are some offer hdmi out and others do not.

    The one I was looking forward to was 8.9″ galaxy tab as its between the 7″ and 10″ size. One reason I got the playbook, I love the smaller size.

  • Sean

    You forgot the most important part of this tablet


    Come on XDA I waant that on my Transformer …

  • Zair

    I’m gitteng a whole new phone for this season just so I can watch the feeds on Android. It’s going to be great to have that when I take those rare breaks and go out in to the daylight!