Motorola XOOM falls by $100 to $499.99


  • EmperumanV

    Its lacking behind in terms of updates… gah…

  • Vito

    Actually, it’s much cheaper as the Xoom has 32GB of RAM (plus a MicroSD slot) for $499 – a 16GB iPad 2 is $519.

  • sookster54

    One reason: Asus Transformer (which has been selling better than the Xoom).

    @zico, without the dock that’s $399, the 32GB is $499, the dock is worth the addition.

  • zico

    imho dock > extra 16GB internal space

    Especially with all the options to expand the memory via usb, sd etc.

  • Eric

    No thanks 🙂

  • Stupid

    Try changing the Brand.
    That will make it much more interesting.

  • Big 3

    This must be the cheapest 32GB tablet since other tablets are about $499 for 16gb

  • seant

    Augggh! Honeycomb 3.2 is out there! I thought updates would be much snappier with the Xoom. Motorola has let me down again on the update front. I think they just lost a repeat customer, unless their next product is too good and inexpensive to ignore.

  • Fenrir767

    The Acer Icinia is 499 for 32gb as well as the Asus transformer. I just find the transformer a little to to big for my tastes.

  • Tim

    If only Motorola Canada would get off their A** and give us Canadian customers the updates to the Xoom!

  • Pitrick

    Guys waiting for the Canadian Update..just switch the Xoom to the U.S. Rom (doesnt require root, just unlock the bootloader) and you will have a U.S xoom directly updated by Google themselves and not that wannabe-tech-company called Motorola…

  • 0defaced

    you know….Mobilesyrup is sending me one and I couldn’t be happier! This was the first tablet I had my eye on, and frankly the updates aren’t that big of an issue (rooting and rom’n it looks pretty easy).

    Admittedly though, I think if i had $500 to spend on a tablet i’d still go for it. After physically playing around with all the ones in best buy and future shop, this one feels the best. 110%. Transformer is nice, and i’ve been through the moto-hatred for the updates on the phones. I can’t find where i’ll see a noticable difference though.

  • Dave

    $199 is Market forcing more realistic prices.

  • Customer

    I guess Motorola XOOM can’t handle the market share of the IPAD 2, who would buy this when Motorola last best product was the Razor.