SaskTel to release the Novatel Ovation MC547 Mobile Internet Stick, capable of 42 Mbps download speeds

SaskTel stated in April that they’ll be bringing 42 Mbps speeds to Regina and Saskatoon this summer, no exact details as to when but should be within the next few weeks. They have put the Novatel Ovation MC547 Mobile Internet Stick on their site as “coming soon” so this is a good indication that those potential download speeds are coming. SaskTel, very honestly, says that “Currently 21mbps awaiting network upgrade to Dual Cell HSPA+. This device will operate on the standard 4G HSPA+ network but at a max theoretical speed of 21mbps, as opposed to the max speed of the device which is 42mbps”. As for price points, this will cost you between $59.99 on a 3-year to $199.99 month-to-month.

Source: SaskTel