WIND Mobile to launch service in Kitchener-Waterloo this summer?


  • Colestin

    Yess! Now hopefully Guelph will be coming soon as well 🙂

  • Preacher

    Maybe they will just be giving out free cake in that area to students?
    You should never assume anything. This is how rumors start.

    • Jonesy1966

      It’s been confirmed that tower testing in K/W starts in about 3 weeks and full service starts before the end of August.

    • Rocco StiffReddi

      the fat man speaks! well congrats wind you have underwhelmed , underachieved your customers all over Canada so why not there!

      so mikie still beggin wind to take you back? hint lose some weight that way you can get through the door..

  • jamesWaterloo

    WIND trucks have been in the KW area building sites for a few weeks now. They have towers up at River/ Fairway in Kitchener, Franklin/ Weber in Kitchner and Bridgeport/ Weber in Waterloo that I have seen. I’m sure that there are more.

  • Studio

    YAY! Hopefully Chat-r follows them there, I’ve been waiting over a year now!

    The people at our Toronto office say Wind simply isn’t reliable enough for our business needs.

    • Nobel

      @Studio: And yet you are still relying on Wind Mobile so that Chatr will follow them. Really funny!!!

    • Brad

      Are 5 year old Rogers pay as you go phones good for your business needs as well?

  • Michael

    1. Your welcome.
    2. I’m more interested to see the “planned expansion” on this. I’ve been following the Waterloo-Kitchener network for a while now and there has been a few complications (petitions). But seems like it all cleared up as they’re getting ready for launch.
    3. Hope to see all y’all in Waterloo-Kitchener on the WIND Forums. 🙂

  • Justin

    This removes one large barrier for a lot of people adopting. After this takes place, there really isn’t any reason to go with any other company than WIND unless you live in London and below and/or want an iPhone badly.

  • MXM4K

    I would certainly hope that they cover the 401 corridor between KW and the GTA coverage area. Add Guelph in that area as well and they’ll have a huge commuter market opened up for them.

    I don’t subscribe to Wind’s service (I jump between Ottawa Montreal and surrounding areas too often), but the stronger the small players get, the more the big boys will have to step it up. It’s all good news for Canadian consumers 🙂

  • Big 3

    Wind to the Rescue! I also hope other New Entrants will get there too

  • Radar

    Great news!

  • Omis

    Fantastic. Now I just need Barrie and Niagara up and running and I’ll have Wind Home everywhere I go in Ontario.

  • kg

    Yess! Great news! Hopefully they have some enticing promos here as well 😀

  • phoneguy

    woopi doo…..too bad winds reception is CRAP and drops calls if you walk from one side of the room to the other….GO PM all day….PM will be there soon!!!

  • Radar

    What is PM?

    • lolz

      Poor Mobility

  • caplin


  • Bob

    @Radar PM = Public Mobile. The CDMA provider that no one talks about. I doubt they got spectrum in Kitchener/Waterloo so the only way they will get there is if they are bought by Telus.

    • Michael

      If you read any news article posted by MobileSyrup it tells you that Public Mobile has Ontario & Quebec spectrum with a possible allowance of 19 million customers.

  • John

    Their goes more people to complaing about dropped calls.

  • Nasir

    Man I wish I knew this before I just changed my plan with Rogers. One line is under contract till 2012 and the other is expiring soon so there is some hope.

  • Bob

    @John, I think you meant “Their goes more people no longer going to be complaining about outrageous phone bills”

    • Nobel

      Couldn’t agree more. Really funny!!!

  • Apollo

    Wind = fast growing company. Mobilicity = joke of a company.

    • Mark

      Easy there Apollo… Mob isn’t the enemy.

      Rogers, Telus & Bell are… evilness in that order.
      10/10 9.9/10 9.8/10 .. all still very evil.

    • Brad

      Agreed with Mark. Petty fighting between Wind and Mobilicity is counterproductive when it would make more sense to work together to work towards building a real nationwide network that they can both use?

      Canada is big enough for both companies, would Telus and Bell be 2 of the big 3 if they didn’t work together to build their network?

    • Michael

      Actually, I think TELUS lost some Evil points with their new contract cancellation thing………
      Still really evil at 8.9/10 tho……..

  • Vineet

    Wake up Mobilicity….You need to put some towers as well.

  • John

    No i mean more dropped calls and more unhappy customers who will switch back to robelus after a month with wind.

  • brando

    Wish I knew this last week just signed a 3 yr contract with bell, meh 3 yrs from now they have my business and hopefully their phone line up is better

    • chall2k5

      you can always return you Bell phone (i think its 15 days grace)

    • Colin

      You would have to assume that the service would have been to K/W in less than 3 years. I’ve already been sitting off contract for the last 1.5 year waiting for Wind, at no additional cost.

  • Bob

    @John, statistics show that more people are leaving the big 3 and WIND is gaining more and more customers. It does not sound like too many people are leaving WIND. If you bothered to look at real stats, you would see that Rogers has the most complaints for any wireless company. For a company that has 20 years to build a network, isn’t it shocking to know that there are still lots of areas in Canada that are dead zones for Rogers and lots of customers that still get dropped calls. How can that be? Shouldn’t there network be perfect after 20 years? Everyone expects WIND’s to be after only 1 year!

  • Phoneman

    Great…more 2G GSM service coming your way to K-W brought to you by WIND. How pathetic is that! Stick to the times and go HSPA+ or UMTS. It might as well be CDMA folks!

  • Radar

    Bob, WIND is 3G everywhere and only. Not like ROBELUS using still 2G (EDGE) in most of the areas.

    • Adam

      That is flat out untrue. Rogers/Bell/Telus have 3G+ through the majority of their service area, and I believe Saskatchewan is the only significant area with only 2G, as opposed to Wind/Mobilicity, who have 3G in their ‘home zones’, which is Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calagary and Edmonton. ANYWHERE else is roaming on 2G.

  • Marion

    c’mon Niagara and St. Catherines!!

  • blackberryhomeboy


  • 5Gs

    Thatta boy!

  • stuart jackson

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  • Greg

    my son lives in st.catherines,ontario,is it a local call from my windmobile phone if i live in toronto.thanks