Rogers Xperia arc upgrade to Android OS 2.3.3 now available


  • azileath

    thanks but I’ll use a real phone instead.

    Sent from my iPhone.

    • jay

      If you have a real phone why did you comment from an iPhone?

      Sent from my Xperia Arc

    • atoz

      An iPhone is a joke of a device. Enjoy your “real phone”, while smart people enjoy better performing, more functional, open market devices. Arc > your G4 by and far.

  • Prenz T.

    Howabout the Xperia Play?

  • loogie

    downloaded this 2 days ago. works great, boot time is A LOT faster and battery life has improved greatly. Really like the notifications they added to lock screen too. I was thinking of rooting and loading stock android but i’ll stick with this… for now 🙂

  • DJM

    I’m kinda surprised at the speed this was released. I don’t have an ARC, but it looks like SE. learned from their mistakes.

    Enjoy gentlemen (and women)

  • Gab

    Wtf. Why not just skip to 2.3.4?

  • Phil R

    OK, totally out of context, but Rogers? Can you send some love for us, old X10 owners? I’m still on a 2 years contract, and don’t want to pay like crasy for a new phone. So… pwetty please, can you give us the 2.3 update for the X10? I know you can do it!


  • SonyPuppetNoMo

    if only Fony was as quick to add features/updates to the ps3

    • Jay

      They can’t… They’re too busy gettin hacked. *LOL*

  • Phil R

    Great news, thanks! But, my question remains. Will Rogers give us the update? ‘Cause, I don’t want to have to root my phone to get it. (It’s only because I don’t know how, and I’m probably too lazy to learn how to!)

  • krishna


    can u help me to how update my sony xperia arc os.