Nokia X2-01 heading to Canada


  • TomatoGuy

    I don’t know why would anyone buy this when already available Nokia C3 is superior in specs: X2-01 doesn’t have WiFi support, only has VGA (0.3 Mpix) camera vs C3 with WiFi and 2Mpix camera and a lot longer battery life. And I am pretty sure that X2-01 won’t come under $100 so it’s not worth getting over C3.

  • Faruk

    Well according to the specifications page it’s quad-band GSM and lacks any 3G connectivity. So clearly it will arrive at Robbers or one of its sub-brands as an entry-level messaging device.

    • howi

      Product Code 059G6K7

  • Khav

    Wouldn’t even take it for free, unless I could send it back in time

  • Sap

    Device looks good and solid. Is good for most of us who don’t want to control their lives by the iBlings.

  • yawn

    Yaaaaaaaawn…another lame device by Nokia…..

  • azileath

    I’ll use a real phone instead.

    Sent from my iPhone.

    • Ger

      @azileath I have an iPhone too, but phones like the Nokia X2-01 and the Nokia C3 are perfect for people who just need to talk and text on a reliable no-frills phone (there are many people without data plans, don’t use apps, etc.). They are affordable and good at what they’re made to do. The X2-01 is no less of a “real phone” than an iPhone or Android device.

    • Jay

      What’s with the iPhone fanboys lately? Sorry, but the iPhone is just not for everyone, face it already.

      Send from my VASTLY SUPERIOR Android phone.

  • Kevin

    I just picked one of these up as an unlocked quad-band phone for travelling to Europe. Sure 3G and Wi-Fi would be nice, but at $80 ( unlocked vs. $170 for a C3 it’s not competing in the same market. It certainly shouldn’t be compared to an iPhone or Android phone. The price was comparable to a voice only quad-band, so I consider the browser, email, simple apps and full keyboard a bonus.

  • Dave

    At 1/8 of the price, Nokia reception quality, batteries life, reliable quality are exceptional. Now that’s a REAL phone. Again,an i-Idiot will never figure It Out. Sad case! LOL

  • rakesh yadeav

    camara is the very pir but 4000 rage camara 2mega

  • Jay

    Looks like a nice phone, but by no means smashing the competition. In short, nothing special here.

  • Howi

    Nokia USA lists the X2-01 in its online store for $79.00, while T-Mobile USA sells it at US$99.99 before any discount / subsidy.