Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II and Tab 10.1 show up at Future Shop sales training event


  • Chuck

    bring it. Give me the SGS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

    Hopefully sooner then later! Cant wait to get both of these.

    • Dan J

      Same here! I have my 10.1 preordered at BB already… Just need a chance to do the same with the GS2 and it will be mine baby!

  • Sean

    Can you confirm that the version we are getting is the same as the international version and not some variant ?

    • Ronald

      And with or without NFC?

      (Bet they would have told us if they knew, though, Sean.)

  • crunch204

    nom nom nom!

  • Ray

    Any info on the network that is getting the SGII?

  • Jake

    Is the SGII coming to rogers ?

  • Justin

    i have the nexus s with a 4″ screen, i think its a nice size, has anyone had a chance to handle this? is the 4.3″ too big? or is it a perfect size?

    • Keri

      I had a chance to play with it in a store that sell the UK version and put it on Bell. The screen was bigger than I expected. I think it’s the same size as HTC Desire HD, but on the hand, it didn’t feel as big. I have very small hands (need children-sized gloves), and this was still manageable. I think I still like Incredible S’ size better though.

      Feel-wise, the plastic back really makes it feel cheap and nothing compared to HTC devices. It really makes me wonder if Samsung chose plastic because it’s way cheaper (skimming on the case material). The device is very light, which you can take it negatively (cheap material) or positively (less weight to carry around). But…I was really afraid that I’d snap the thing accidentally because of how plastic-y, light, and thin it was (though I was happy with the light weight). Lastly, the screen was excellent, and response was great. I really wish that Samsung could choose better case material…but I guess I will have to resort to a case for now.

  • Emperuman V

    @Sean – I think it’ll be the North American version.

    @Ronald – The NFC is only the Korean version. Both the North American and UK version don’t. I have the UK version and nada.

    @Ray- Only the Big Three. No AWS.

    @Justin – I have the UK version and I love it. Don’t have issues with the screen. Perfectly fits my pockets.

  • Sean

    @ Emperuman I was asking because with the SGS you had international and like 6 different versions for north america

  • LeanNSupreme

    Sweet SGS II! Can’t wait to finally get my hands on 1 😀

  • Jake

    Any idea for the price on a 3 year plan ?

  • Sp0r3

    Spotted a local private Bell provider with Samsung Galaxy S II posters. I asked the sales rep there and he said “It will be available next month with prices of $149.99 with a 3 year contract or $675 without contract”. Not sure if Future Shop is training staff for just Bell or Robelus.

    • LeanNSupreme

      Damn!? $675?? So much more expensive compared to the Sensation…

    • Sp0r3

      I thought $675 would be pretty outrageous, even for a phone like Galaxy S II. I’m just hoping that the sales rep was misinformed. Because I have no intention of being a Bell customer. I just want the phone!

  • DD

    Rogers will get Infuse 4G instead of SGS2.

  • jack

    jesus 675, that is a lot

  • James

    $675.. ouch! Been eyeing this phone for a while and it looks like I’ll be going with the Sensation instead

  • mpsrent

    I really wanted a S II until I checked one out at Carphone Warehouse in the UK last month. It feels almost too thin and the cheap plastic housing does not instill confidence. The HTC competition provided a more confident feel.

    I’ll still consider the S II when I go shopping for a new phone next month but if this is your daily communication tool, you might want to consider a more solid option like the Sensation.

  • Maes33

    Why does it look like a apple phone?

    • KingK

      Because it’s Samesung.

    • b-dogg

      Just G now Liz Lemon. We sold the E, to Samsung. They’re Samesung now.

  • Bri

    Weird… Becuase they confirmed that Rogers will get Infuse 4G and they’re getting SGSII at the same time?
    I don’t think they’ll release the two devices at the same time… I’ve never heard that Rogers is releasing SGSII any time soon.
    Is there a confirmation on this?

  • anon

    what phone is telus getting?

    also, when is nexus 3 coming out? and tegra 3?

  • ThatGuy

    b-dogg are you quoting someone(30rock?) Samesung sounds perfect though I really can’t wait to own one.

  • Danny

    I’ve been painfully holding off on getting a Nexus S, Atrix, HTCs or any other new phones since I heard about the SGS2 months ago. My old Samsung Slide phone (yes, slide) is clutching for dear life, so you can tell how desperate I am to get one. I want my first smartphone experience to be the best on the market. I’m pushing the limits of human patience agonizingly counting each passing day. Sad but true.

    • Momoko

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  • crunch204

    S2 is confirmed to come to bell, since they were the most successful in selling the vibrant. Telus/Robbers, unknown still

  • Dennis Wang

    Anyone know if this is coming to Rogers?