Mobilicity “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” offers $200 credit when you port over


  • caplin

    Thats great news for people who would have to pay an ECF. 200$ Helps cushion the blow.

    • Andrew

      I actually disagree with this — a roaming credit is very misleading to new customers, and doesn’t even show confidence in their own network.

      It’s better than nothing, but a $200 account credit and some variant of the FnF deal would’ve been something to really get excited about…

    • SaHiL

      @Andrew, where does the offer say it is a Roaming credit?

    • anonymous

      Andrew doesn’t know what he’s talking about. My Wallet credits can be used to pay your monthly bills, if you want. Same misleading comment got posted on HoFo extremely quickly.

    • Andrew

      How does one pay their monthly bill from their “MyWallet”? I was unaware of this…

  • Bobby

    would be nice if the big 3 did the same thing when switching between all carriers


    It’s a good deal, but they’ll probably run out of money one day.

  • DS

    Thats great news! The only trouble is that you would have to be with mobilicity…

  • sixteen12

    Very tempting. Sell my Galaxy S ii and 5 months free for unlimited everything.

    Hmm got some soul searching to do this weekend.

  • NagoyaX

    you know it does sound like a good deal, till you realize that everywhere you go out in the suburbs don’t get covered… i got too many friends in the Roaming zone….

    • Dan J

      Exactly. These guys will never truly penetrate the market until they at least embrace the suburbs. Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, etc.

    • Mobisick

      Don’t you have to pay Robellus LD charge if you are out of their local calling areas?

  • Aaron

    WIND no longer provides the $100 credit for porting your number to WIND. So right now it’s only Mobilicity 😛

  • Common Sense

    The $200 is given when you port in your old phone number, in installments of $40 for 5 months. You can use the $40 towards your monthly payment, towards long distance calling, and yes, even towards roaming. Nevertheless its a great deal, cause with that said, if you have their $25 plan, you can technically get 8 months free.

    • Raj

      Insiders are reporting layoff continue week over week at Mobilicity. They have stopped all network build including within existing coverage. The $200 port credit is not real money and Mobilicity will not be around long enough to honour the terms of my wallet.

    • HO

      @Raj…ok, speaking of who will come with more BS from the big 3 u just happen to win the big prize…..let me guess, ur 1 of the monkeys working PR for Rogers…

    • FailBot

      Raj is right, I know a few insiders as well and it’s been a massacre internally. They got rid of some very good talent lately, Doug Perry for example was a huge plus for them yet they get rid of him for seemingly no reason. This company is just trying to boost subscribers so they can get more bang for their buck when they sell the whole thing…

  • JF

    If only mobilicity were in montreal… 🙁

  • chall2k5

    Hmmm….port my number in and get $200 free, or stick with Wind and actually get coverage where I live and work…thats a tough one

  • jalin2

    very very tempting!

  • Radar

    They should rather invest the money to build their network as they are way behind Wind and Public in terms of coverage area.

  • Apollo

    This reeks of desperation to me. I feel sorry for any customers that get conned into switching to Mobilicity. Mobilicity really has the worst network in Canada.

    • Kasual

      Not sure where you’re getting your info from, but i’ve been with Mobilicity in Edmonton for almost 6 months and have had better service with them than with Bell and am paying half the price!

      Considering you aren’t with Mobilicity, im not sure where you’re getting your “facts” from.

    • 0defaced

      whine whine whine……

      Mobi has THE best built network out of the new entrants, and if RoBeLus hadn’t hogged all the spectrum and wouldn’t be such a bunch of squirrels, Mobi would easily reign king with the price point.

    • jimmy

      Kasual, try using your “better service” in Ottawa before claiming that you have all of the “facts.” Apollo is quite right where I’m sitting.

    • FailBot

      Kasual obviously lives downtown, and never goes to the southside.. or leduc.. or st albert.. or sherwood park.. or southgate… or anywhere interesting..

  • jack

    I get $200, but then have to spend $500 to buy one of their phones… who wins? not me.

    • Common Sense

      Get a phone with the big 3 for $0 dollars, you still dont win. Get a phone with a tab/turbotab/supertab and you’d lose again. Nothings free in this world.

  • phoneguy

    OMG!! mobilshitty is soooooo desperate for customers there offering to bankrupt themselves for some subs lmao

    • 0defaced

      i find it funny that people like you, with the spelling of a 5 year old and the mentality of a RoBeLus kiosk employee can actually try to say something about a company who is NOWHERE near going broke, and is offering a promo to gain business from people who simply can’t afford to cancel.

      you my friend, have some issues to work out…..

    • Jonesy1966

      I think “PhoneGuy” is the guy who reckons Public Mobile has 150-200,000 subs.


  • dominoes20

    I switched over from Wind to Mobilicity in Vancouver just over a month ago. The customer service has been fantastic. No holding for an hour to ask a question or waiting for a call back that never comes.
    No problems with service. I work in the greater vancouver area and I get full bars.
    No problem with my internet. I have unlimited and the speed is good.
    Yesterday I added an add-on for unlimited calling to Europe for $20 p/mth. Previously I had been using a calling card to make my calls to the UK and they always had a problem hearing me on their end. No such problems today. Crystal clear on their end. Imagine calling directly from your cell to the UK and staying on the phone as long as you want??? Wow!
    I only got the $100 port in credit but it paid a portion of my bill this month and the $20 unlimited UK calling and I still have $50 left.
    So I’m not sure about all of these negative posts regarding Mobilicity. I’m tempted to believe that these are the same guys posting that troll other sites singing the praises of Wind and shouting down anyone who tells the truth about Wind’s horrible customer services and dishonest tech guys. But really, judge for yourself.

    • Tom

      Their customer service is indeed very good but unfortunately their coverage sucks.

      I go downtown and reception is horrible. I lose reception the minute I enter Sinclair center and I only get 2 bars ouside.

      Same applies to industrial areas in Richmond.

      Until they get better reception, I’ll have to stick with Fido.

  • Vincent Wan

    Come to Mobilicity @ Parkway Mall.

    Come in from the Metro Supermarket Entrance. You will see my kiosk (Exclusive dealer). Or call me 416-999-9229

    • Basharat

      What’s special or exclusive, do you offer any discount on phones, etc.

    • noodle

      Why should I come? dealers are the worst, they just care about the sale and dont help if the something is wrong with the phone. Go to a corporate store, that’s where I got my phone from, they really help you.

  • Louis

    Great! Mobilicity! Well Done!

  • 0defaced

    just so everyone in the Vancouver area knows….

    You can get $50 off ANY handset (excluding phone in a box) at the 10th and Commercial location of Money Mart, PLUS the rep will call in for you on Saturday to get you the $200 port credit…..:D

    hell of a deal if you ask me….

  • MXM4K

    To all those bashing Mobilicity for their lack of coverage area, why are you bashing?

    Coverage areas are well defined, and if you fall out of said coverage area, then you simply won’t sign up for their services. End of story.

    For those within coverage areas (and who mostly stay within said coverage areas), this is a great promo deal. I would certainly jump on it if I consistently stayed in Ottawa.

  • Munir

    can existing wind customer get this promo by switching to mobilicity?

    • noodle


  • Chubby Juice

    Me Likey

  • Chubby Juice

    Me Likey !! Oh ANDY

  • iBerry

    Wayy to Go Mobilicity!!! Kill those contracts!

    Will Wind follow as usual?!?!

  • Mobisick

    All Mobilicity phones are locked. It basically is an invisible contract.

    • HO

      Ur rt but then again it depends on how smart u are, if u can do math u can ask for options, I have a friend who ported and we got a Nexus S for $420 at PM, the only phone unlocked from factory and is really good, compare that to $500+tax from Mobi, is all about “brains” my friend, some use them some don’t.

  • Geo

    So in essence you can prepay for first month and get 8 months free on the $25 plan. Great deal to cushion the blow of buying a phone.

  • dominoes20

    @TOM I’m in the Sinclair Centre all of the time and I have no problem with coverage. I also live downtown and have no problem with coverage. I think the problem maybe your handset. I’m using a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i

  • Ak36

    Dave dobbin must be real desperate!!

  • noodle

    What is with the desperation comments. It’s a great deal take it if your smart.

  • Apollo

    I love how all the champions of Mobilicity seem to be dealers. I can’t say I blame them. If I got suckered for $100k on a Mobilicity dealership I would be trying to make s**t taste like ice cream too. I feel sorry for the dealers. Mobilicity should be ashamed of themselves.

    • FailBot

      I feel sorry for the dealers and any employees who haven’t been laid off yet, I hear it’s a tough job market out there!

  • Marion

    can i port without buying a phone? I have an AWS phone that i can use. can i just get a sim card?

    • tremsr

      I don’t see why not. I brought my HD2 to Mobilicity. They signed me up with the $100 port credit and a free sim. Everything has been gravy since!

  • Marion

    can i port in without buying a phone? Can i get this with a SIM card only if I have my own AWS phone?

    • noodle

      You should go into the store and try first

  • cgirl

    Its def not a roaming credit, the wallet has different functions it can be used to roam, make ld calls, or be put towards your monthly bill.

  • LK

    Hi all commenter here is a an advise for you all Wind will soon have a new promo that will make people go crazy plus with upcomming news. So if you are Wind stick to it and wait for the news and offers!

  • Khill

    mobilicity sucks!

  • Ritz

    How often does mobilicity provide offers / credit for port-in number? I was hoping to migrate from Wind to Mobilicity but not sure when to time it 🙂