Rogers to release the Nokia E5


  • gsm


  • Harry

    2005 called. It wants its phone back!

  • Taylor

    This would be a hit on chatr

  • TJ

    Interesting….. E73 (Mobilicity) vs E5 Rogers.
    Funny how the E5 is with Rogers almost 1 year after it’s supposed/announced release in North America.
    E73 looks and feels better. E5, lots of plastic.

  • GoWindGo

    Where are all the Rogers fanboys now? They rip every other company for releasing old outdated phones and now they do it.

  • TomatoGuy

    This phone’s specs are very close to E72 (E5 has fixed focus camera and lower quality screen). However, E5 is the only Series 60 smartphone produced by Nokia that has 256MB of RAM. This allows to have 74 apps running in background simultaneously (just search for youtube video called “Nokia E5 breaks world multitasking record! 74 apps!”). That’s what true multitasking is all about. If Rogers were to release this below $200, it would be a hot seller. It’s not worth investing more in smartphone with discontinued OS.

    • observer

      Btw, E72 disappeared from Telus website a few days ago

    • andy c

      if this was priced under $200 it would be the second best smartphone you could get for under $200

      the LG optimus one goes for $200 on telus and $150 on koodo. not the fastest android but i would still take it over this nokia any day.

    • mda

      In third comes the Koodo BB 9300 for $200.

  • smitty_leafs

    As a Rogers fan boy; I still think this phone is a waste of space. Someone please immediatley locate all Symbian phones and destroy immediatley. Seriously, have you tried using the Nokia N8 (the “flagship” Symbian phone with Rogers)?

    • Colin

      I’m currently using the Nokia N8 on Rogers, it works fine, what are the issues that you’re experencing?

    • smitty_leafs

      Sorry for the ranting. I work at a Rogers store, and Symbian never seems to go very well for the customer experience. Compared to Android, IOS, and BB OS 6…it’s just a poor user experience. I know it is preference and all, but I have yet to find anyone who prefers/likes Symbian. It seems that once you see anything else; you can’t go back. (Family Guy quote of the day: “Once you go burnt Cyan, you can’t go back)

  • Ger

    I love Nokia’s portrait qwerty devices. S60 is still great if you want a phone but don’t care about all the bells and whistles available on newer platforms. It sure beats any dumbphone OS, which made the Nokia 6790 so great since it was sold as a Quick Messaging Device. Hopefully Rogers won’t require a data plan for this phone.

  • Brian

    It’ll probably be a PayGo device…

  • Terry

    Wow that is hideous!