Another analyst estimates RIM sold 45,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks on day 1


  • Hilroy

    Wow? This is news? 45,000 vs 50,000? What’s the difference?

    • Jim

      I think 5000… I’m not sure if my math is right though.

  • Ted

    I got mine on day 2…i’ll be interested in hearing the quarter #’s…Blackberry owners typically arn’t the type to camp out over night like the ipad fans. i predict steady sales for the next few weeks.

  • Don

    Numbers may be higher over the weekend.

  • beavertail

    Playbook has superior hardware. It has enough software to give it an enjoyable device to play with.
    It is really unknown to a lot of people, so a low turnout is not a surprise. This will be a slow burn, as more and more useful programs are added to the lineup, next time the demand will be much higher.
    Typing this from my Playbook 🙂

  • jellmoo

    There was never any chance that the device was going to produce iPad like numbers, and I’m sure RIM knew that. What we have are early adopters jumping in, knowing full well that some components (like an email app) will be coming later.

    Once those extra pieces are added in, there may be another small spike in purchases.

    RIM is going to try and persuade enterprise customers that this is the tablet they want, *and* that a tablet is a strong asset for their needs. Companies always move slowly, so it’s going to be an ongoing process rather than the instant success of the iPad.

  • ruaman

    We’re debating here for 5000 units…!!! C’mon people none of you know the exact number…!!! Better ask RIM for that exact number…

  • Stuntman

    I don’t think that even RIM knows the exact numbers either. RIM may know how many they shipped to the stores, but may not know how many the stores actually sold. I don’t think stores really tell RIM or any company how many of their products they sold. Stores only order a number they expect to move and will order more if needed.

  • 50 Cent

    Anyone know what the target market is for this device?

    • Jim

      Not you 50, that’s for sure

    • TNSF

      The target is anyone who has a blackberry and plans to continue using blackberry. So, about 45,000 people.

  • Luqman

    Woo! Bought my 32GB playbook the first day and never regret making this decision. This is what a tablet should be! RIM + Playbook ftw!!!!

  • Dillon

    they prob sold 75,000 to 100,000 . if their were 25,000 pre orders i assume , i bet they sold more then one playbook per store !

  • TheCyberKnight

    Got our development PlayBook today and spent an hour with it. Although not perfect, the experience is by far superior to the Motorola XOOM, to my great surprise.
    The form factor is a bit too small – an additional diagonal inch or two would have been nice.
    The overall OS experience is more “finished” than Honeycomb. Web browsing performance is far better than the XOOM.
    Again, not perfect, but an impressive step forward for RIM.
    Meanwhile, the iPad remains untouchable when the price/experience/speed/stability equation is evaluated.

    • jellmoo

      I’m really curious about the form factor. For something that is ostensibly aimed towards an enterprise market, is it too small to use for extensive periods of time? Does it become “unwieldy” and require constant scrolling?

    • TheCyberKnight

      Yes and no. The apps provided with it cleverly use the screen assets and you never feel that the resolution is an issue.
      Meanwhile, the web browsing experience actually let you feel the lower resolution and the small screen size. At times, I was instinctively zooming in for some content.
      Additional screen assets would have provided a better experience.

  • Jesse

    I knew from day one that this wasn’t going to sell well…..RIM is pumping out obsolete hardware and never is on the ball technology-wise. The only thing keeping the BlackBerry platform afloat is teenage girls who think they’re professional using a BB and the older crowd who doesn’t like change.

  • maxd

    Went to a FS today and saw a whole bunch of them returned already.. I counted over 9 at one store alone…

    • Chris H

      I love all the Future Shop/Best Buy employees that bash a company/product for being a “Failure”. How about you get an actual career before calling anybody a failure.

  • Jake

    I got mine first day.
    Love it!

  • John

    I got mine on the first day on a pre-order. Future Shop said they had 28 pre-orders alone on the day before launch. My wife has an Ipad and she’s jealous. I checked Staples for accessories. Staples said they pre-sold their entire inventory.
    I find the tethered browsing and wi-fi browsing great. Although the pre-launch reviews were mixed this is an excellent device for many users and will only get better. Telus has no charge for tethering so it is perfect for those of us who have dependents on our tab!

  • Angus

    Support CANADIAN products and services like RIM/BIS and BES, even if the device is made in China. Probably, but hopefully made in Canada like some blackberries.

  • Brian

    I work at an FS, and almost half the ones we sold were returned. The UI on this thing is an absolute nightmare. Unless you’re one of the few stuck [or shamefully chose to stick with] a Berry, look elsewhere

    • TheCyberKnight

      I do respect your opinion but to call it a nightmare is a fairly bold statement. There a few swipes (3) to learn using the borders. But aside that, everything is fairly well executed.
      Nothing totally new in UI concepts that would displace the iPad in terms of smoothness and execution but far better than the current Honeycomb release.

  • aka

    Granted, the BB Playbook might have been better to be released this summer after the software was more complete, namely stand alone email app and video chat. However, amongst all the iSheep reviewers basing their initial negative reviews on pre-released units with out-dated software when the embargo was lifted, BB still managed to sell considerably well compared to it’s current competitors, namely the Motorola Xoom.

    Yes, it would have been nice if you didn’t have to force install the newest firmware update upon first turning the product on. I can feel the pain of many individuals who, at the nearest BestBuy parking lot, fired up the device and cursed with a vengeance, for they were out of wifi range. Although, if I recall correctly, BestBuy locations do provide free wifi service that can be used for the 250+ MB software update. However, I can not vouch for the stability of their wifi connection.

    Having said that, most people these days have access to cloud services, like msn live, google (docs, gmail), yahoo!, facebook. With the power of it’s browser providing desktop like experience, including full flash/html5 support, there’s no need to wait for an email app update or have a BB device handy or a netbook/laptop.

    As for the screen size, as one reviewer mentioned, people are more likely to bring their Playbook out in comparison to lugging around a 9.7″ iPad. The form factor is perfect for a coat/jacket pocket or a purse. And with more phones capable of creating a portable wifi connection, it’s bound to get more playtime outside the house, no pun intended.

  • aka

    I was reading a recent CBC article recently about April 19th, 2011, and according to the Terminator story line, that’s the day Skynet gains consciousness. Isn’t that when the BB Playbook was released? What a coincidence!