TELUS releasing Motorola Xoom with Wi-Fi April 19th


  • Carl

    good move on TELUS’ part. they have the best Android phone and will also have the most tablets too

  • Brennan

    This looks good, but I’m wondering about the playbook and if I’ll like that better.

  • zorxd

    Why would someone buy a Wifi tablet at Telus?

    • Dan

      Maybe because TELUS offers no extra charge Wifi Hotspots on most of their phones…

      or maybe just maybe because TELUS wants to carry a unique device that some business partners might be interested in?

      People seem to forget, that moms and dads are not the only customers of these companies.

    • zorxd

      Why don’t you buy it in an electronic store instead?
      Would you buy a computer at Telus just because you can charge your cell phone on your computer?

    • Chris

      Because I have a corp. account with Telus but not Best Buy or Futureshop.

  • bubbles

    yes i agree, a non 3g tab from a telco??? just go to future shop or best buy

    • Dcormann

      I say let them compete. I also wouldnt buy from a Telus store for a non data product but I would like to see if Telus comes up with an incentive to encourage me too.

  • EmperumanV

    Kind of too late isn’t it? The Xoom has been out for a week. I think they should have started to sell it as of last week, plus with the addition of the Playbook in their inventory, it will be quiet the competition.

  • top

    Had a Xoom, the software is buggy and forcecloses even on native applications (i.e. youtube, browser). Videos are jumpy. It is sexy but it is also an unfinished product. Unfortunately I had to return mine because I had a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

    Wait for an update before you buy one.