BMO Mobile Banking app for iPhone and BlackBerry now available


  • Ali

    can someone explain to me why these banks (i.e. BMO and RBC) completely ignore Android platform? (except TD)

  • Machzy

    The BB App is web based? Wtf?!

    Try again BMO.

  • Kinst

    ING direct & TD have android apps too.

  • Nathan

    Well, looks like I’m signing up for a TD account tomorrow.

    I’ve just about had it with BMO’s crap, and now not developing for the android has put the icing on the cake for me.

    Goodbye BMO.

  • DroidWind

    Android version would be nice.

    May be I should stop being BMO customer and just switch to TD. I’m only with BMO because I’ve using it for so long and it’s the nearest bank from my work. Other than that, they have zero incentives to keep me with them

  • Highdefiniasian


    Oh wait… sorry, force of habit.. this is usually what the WIND fan base on this forum post regardless of what the article talks about.

    What I mean to say was…

    BMO SUCKS!!! GO TD GO!!!!

  • RichieRich

    PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT…. I always pick the slowest services to adept… First Telus out of the big 3 with a crappy app for checking my account, now Royal Bank for not having an android app yet!! Well BMO hasnt got one so I guess the race is on. =)

  • Hooty

    Why no Android version?

  • Colin

    Lack of Android doesn’t bother me that much, mostly because this app is terrible. Just crabbed the iOS version to check it out and it is very disappointing. You can’t pay bills and are essentially limited to checking balances and transferring money between your accounts.

    BMO was the last big bank to release an app, and it seems as though the company learned nothing from its competitors. So like I said, ignoring Android is seriously overshadowed by the fact that I wouldn’t want this app installed on any device/OS.

  • Colin

    Forgot to mention it is also very slow.

  • Derek

    All the people on here who are talking about switching banks because of an app are ridiculous. First off, you don’t just switch a bank, it takes a lot more than that. Secondly, if you’re picking which bank you go with based on a Smartphone App, I think you have a lot more to worry about that just switching banks. Nobody is positive on these things…

  • Gideon

    The site is great on any phone. I don’t know why you would need an app?

  • Gideon

    ps. I wish those screen shots were of my account!

  • A

    @Gideon, I was JUST about to say the same thing, LOL! I wish my banking looked like this 🙂

  • Piper975

    knew right away it wasn’t a real app when it was 30kb but installed it any ways to wow, what junk, 24 hours later and still can’t get onto the redirected site from the launch button … there’s a win for you BMO !!!

    • Norland

      How can I use this two-column gmail on my doktsep or N900? I don’t really want to fake my user agent string. Can you post a direct link please?

  • canuckfan33

    Works just fine for me. Sometimes all you need to know is your balance so you can go for dinner when you are out and about! I’ll do my actual banking at home.

  • Castle321

    Is there any way, for safety reasons, to sign out and back in without putting your whole card digits in everytime? (ex. Remember the card number and ask for the password each time) I don’t want anyone who picks up my phone to be able to see my account at all times unless i sign out and re-sign in later.
    What about two accounts? I wanted to put mine AND my husbands. Probably not able to do that..

  • ayaya

    Did any of you even read the article or just the title?

    – BMO stated that an Android ver. is in the works.

    – Bill payment functionality is also going to be in a future version.

    I hope they release it within this week for android

  • Mobile Man

    If you are seriously looking to go to another bank, take a serious look at ING before making your final choice. They now have a free daily use checking account, their customer service is good, their rates are generally better than the big banks and they have free ABM usage with any HSBC or any credit union. I’m with BMO but testing out the ING account for a couple months to make sure there are no snags. Their mobile app does everything I have needed.

  • Maricel

    Love bmo mobile banking

  • Maricel

    I just want bmo mobile banking

  • Maricel

    Why is it not working!

  • Shan

    how come the BB app is not downloadable? its says the item is not supported by your current device profile.