BlackBerry Trade-up Program launches in Canada


  • Malek


  • Owler

    Here’s the list of eligible trade-in smartphones include the

  • Will Robertson

    So for my:

    Bold 9000 – $75 for the phone + $25 bonus on new phone
    Storm 1 – $45 for the phone + $30 bonus on new phone

    Not too bad, might trade in one of them when the next wave of BlackBerry phones are released this year..

  • Will Robertson

    BTW – in the article it says max $120, but a Torch 9800 gets $170 rebate.

    My lowly old 8700 gets $0 rebate + $25 bonus. Haha

  • James vond

    The fineprint says you have to have a receipt for you new phone… so basically you buy a new phone and send the old one in for a refund. Says my storm2 is worth 85$ + 15$ = 100$.. hmm. I could probably craiglist for slightly more.

  • Nick

    So you buy the new phone from whoever you want and then mail in your old BB + the receipt for the new phone?

    Interesting strategy. Definitely trying to stop people from jumping ship to Android/iOS.

  • materialist_minimalist

    Good move on their part, might be useful for those who are too busy to bother with selling local or online. But savvy buyers should note that you’ll get far more for your phone on craigs or if you frequent forums such as hofo.

  • Jay

    Could you trade in multiple phones for that rebate? IE 2 Bold 9000’s for 2x$75 = $150 plus a $25 for the new phone ie Torch
    In essence $175 return towards the Torch?

    • scotia

      Jay if you read the article from.start to finish it said you can trade up to 6 bb but call for a quote.

    • CH

      If you read the FAQ on the blackberry trade up site, it states “You can trade in one used BlackBerry smartphone for each new eligible BlackBerry smartphone you purchase.” So it’s not like you can trade in multiple blackberries to get one new one for dirt cheap.

      It’s a good concept, but not the greatest refund prices. As everyone has already said, you’d get more money from your phone on CL and Kijiji and even posting an ad on CL/kijiji seems like a lot less work than a mail in rebate.

  • Justin Credible

    Umm…RIM…you have no option for FIDO under the carrier dropdown. Good job.

  • Justin Credible

    ….and not only that, this is going to be a nightmare for many people since your Trade-In options include models that aren’t always compatible with the carrier you choose. LOL!

  • Stumpy

    RIM, stop acting in desperation to hold on to loyal customers and start developing BBM for iPhone. It’ll be a win-win.

  • James Cameron

    anyone know any of the promo codes? lol

    • Steve Larson

      Try promo code BBR09

  • osmond486

    a move of desperation for sure on the part of RIM and like you said you would get more for your BB on a private sale than you would on a trade up>>>


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