Yes, Koodo is selling the Nexus S for only $425 but is “only available when purchased on the Koodo Tab”

After all the leaked documents it was a bit perplexing to see TELUS’ sub-brand Koodo Mobile come out as the winner in the price war for the Android-powered Nexus S. An incredible $425 was the rumour – $100 below some competitors were offering the smartphone at. Their site said “coming soon” for the past few days but the El Tabador mascot proudly put truth to everything and confirmed the low price of $425 and $275 on the Tab.

Surely I’m not the only that thinks this price is absolutely shocking and incredibly welcomed… it ships within 2-5 business days and you can grab one here at Koodo

Update: It seems Koodo have added a most important line since we posted this a few minutes ago. The downer… It states on the site that “This phone is only available when purchased on the Koodo Tab, or as an upgrade for existing Koodo customers. It is not available for outright purchase or as a gift order.”