Best Buy puts TELUS and Koodo Nexus S up for sale, confirms pricing


  • Owler

    Being in the market for a new phone, $425 sounds nice enough for me to switch to Android.

  • Brandon

    Does this mean that they will only allow on-contract purchases for the first little while? Why don’t we see an outright price option yet?

  • Preacher

    keep in mind, its not a new phone. Its been out since December.

    My next phone will be a Nexus since there the only ones that get any updates, but i think ill wait for the first multi core Nexus. Hopefully it wont be too far behind in canada when ever its released in the states.

    • sookster54

      I honestly don’t see a need for dual core on a phone, yes tablets pretty much are best with dual core but for a phone… come on, the Desire Z & HD with the 800MHz-1GHz single core runs great.

    • Mark

      Actually nexus is not the only one getting updated. Unbranded versions of other manufacturers get updated slightly after. Case in point: galaxy s getting gingerbread while carrier versions have no hope. It’s just that nexus is the only easily available unbranded phone in north America at the moment. With quad band 3G the international galaxy s2 might join the party soon too.

  • p

    It’s not actually in store yet, I called a local Best Buy and they said “sometime next week”.

  • Geoff

    Wait, this is $180 at Telus, $150 a Videotron, and $100 at Fido?

  • Mr biology

    I hope Wind matches Koodos price

  • crunch204

    what about bell’s pricing?

    • Bort

      Bell sucks.

      They’re going to be as ambiguous as they can so that people will buy the broken Atrix and all of its stupid accessories

  • Timothy Leung

    It’s not Android fragmentation anymore, there’s also price fragmentation too! Nevertheless, Koodo’s no tab pricing seems to be a winner.

    On another note, where’s the closest Bet Buy? *typo in post*

  • James

    So let me get this straight…

    The phone isn’t available for online ordering yet, and stores don’t have it in stock.

    I guess that means the phone isn’t really out yet at Best Buy. All they’ve done is post the 3 year contract pricing.

    I’m getting a little tired of all this hype, I just want a REAL release date and full pricing options so I can haggle with Rogers to decide if I’m going to go on contract or buy it outright and move to Koodo as soon as my last year on the iPhone 3G is up.

  • crunch204

    @Bort what broken atrix? Its a solid phone and motorola has hugely improved on its motoblur….you can hardly tell its there anymore plus it now incorporates remote management…and the accessories are revolutionary and work well

  • Candyman

    Are these phones sold SIM unlocked?

  • nrj4life

    I just checked both telus and koodo versions of the phone on best buy’s website. Why does the specs say 3g bands are 900/1700/2100? That can’t be right can it?

  • T

    What are they gonna sell the exact same phone for $425 and $550 right next to each other?

  • jak

    just got off the phone with a koodo sales rep. he was kind enough to tell me that it might not be available to non koodo customers for the no-tab price. he did tell me though, that i should sign up with koodo to get the phone, then cancel on the 15th day lol

  • Alex

    I just talked to a local telus reseller here in Montreal and he said he received some this morning. It’s kind of ridiculous that I talked to Telus reps yesterday and they kept saying “the nexus what? who makes it? I don’t know what the price will be.” Come on you guys.

    Anyway, I have a good plan and nothing with other carriers is equivalent for my needs, so i don’t really mind paying the $179, in the long run it’s a good deal for me.

  • reality check


    • Rawg

      According to the details for the Nexus S on the Best Buy website the Tab is up to $150.

      They could be wrong, guess we won’t know for sure unless someone actually purchases this instore or Koodo comes out with an official statement.

    • Jim R

      Sadly, it makes sense that Koodo would adopt a “super-tab” for the Nexus S. Sigh.

  • Kamino

    Hmm, I just went to the dundas square wind store, and they had the nexus s… but they’re selling it for 525… ouch

  • koodoDave

    I can confirm the price as posted for Koodo. $425 outright, or $275 with the Tab. Yes, it’s a great deal. The Nexus S will be leaking into our stores over the course of next week, and should be on our web site by the middle of next week. It’s a great device…can’t wait to grab one for myself =)

    Some other points, yes, it is carrier unlocked. No, you do not need a data plan to buy it, but with our flexible data saver from $5 a month, you never have to sign your life away for when you need mobile data.

    • George

      Do you need to subscribe with Koodo to purchase the phone, or can you just walk in, pay, and leave?

  • seller

    275 tab price… Wow good for you Koodo!… This is why the big 3 push android.. Great margin on handsets.

  • Bri

    what is the ‘tab’?

  • KoodoTom

    It depends on what store u go to if you want to buy it outright. They can simply refuse to sell it to you if your not getting a koodo plan. Get a 15 dollar plan and cancel after 31 days

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