To rid Canadians of incumbents “death grip”, WIND offers free data stick with a $29 plan

WIND Mobile has come out with a promo that in the fine print says “will continue for a limited time”. So there doesn’t seem to be an end date in site but the offer is solid for those located in a WIND zone.

In a release Ken Campbell, CEO of WIND Mobile, said “We want to liberate Canadians from the incumbent providers’ ‘death grip’ on the internet. Today, we are putting Internet access ‘on sale’ with a great plan and a great offer on the WINDspeed data stick”.

So the deal is a bit like the WagJag promo from last week but in order to get it you’ll have to prepay a couple months of service. For $29/month you get yourself a data stick (Huawei E1691) and Unlimited Internet. In addition, what’s good about the promo is that you can share the data with others, but you’ll also need to purchase the the WINDspeed Pocket Hotspot (costs $120). Hidden in the bottom of the release shows that WIND will be finally releasing the WINDspeed Wi-Fi Dock. We first saw this back in November and it’s the HUAWEI D105 that gives you the ability to connect up to 20 devices at once. No word on a price for the Wi-Fi doc but these can also be used on the $29 Unlimited internet promo.