Statistic: 125 Android apps are downloaded every second

The Android platform is gaining popularity around the world and Google states they now see over 350,000 activations per day. The Android Market is still trailing Apple’s App Store but have declared to have over 150,000 available apps. Checking out Android Market tracker AndroLib.com shows a progression of not only the estimated numbers of apps, but how many are being downloaded per second.

Back in December we reported a similar stat that showed 103 apps were being downloaded every second and over 2.5 billion apps were downloaded. Three months later there are now 125 apps being downloaded every second and over 3.7 billion apps have been downloaded (currently 3,738,365,177). Completely forecasting this number ahead estimates the Android Market to reach the 10,000,000,000 billion downloaded app mark by the end of 2011.

It would be cool if Google confirmed these sort of app stats. AndroLib does state that these are “Estimated number of Applications downloaded in the Android Market”.

Check it out here at AndroLib