Virgin Mobile is now a “Super-Fast 4G network”


  • LoveMyMobilflip

    Impressive. How much do they charge for data plan? Faster the network, faster they collect your money 🙂

  • Rookie

    Upto 42 Mbps.. Tried 100’s time the network speed never increase more than 20 mpbs..


      Thats probably because theres no 42mbs compatible devices yet…

  • ROB

    It is very annoying that they classify HSPA + as “4G”. Especially when those speeds will most likely never be reached by subscribers. HSPA+ is technically 3.5G, but definitely not 4G.

    Consumers are just going to get confused with LTE 4G and HSPA+ so called “4G” speeds.

    • Terry

      Or maybe this is a sign the Bell, Rogers and Telus have no intention to flip real 4G on anytime soon.

      Why would they? They make almost 20 billion a year on the craptastic service they have now. Why bother with improving it when we all know they are just going to insta throttle and jack up prices.

      Also, I’m in London UK right now and I have my unlocked U1250 from Wind on T-Mobile here, and the phone says that I’m on a 3.5g network. So I find it funny that the big three are promoting a service that’s pretty much a very basic service to many other countries.



      That’s the goal. This is marketing. Most Canadians don’t know a s**t about what real 4G is, unfortunately.

  • Geoff

    Actually, I’m impressed that they mention how they are 4G now because of a classification change by the ITU, rather than spinning this as a major network upgrade that they just completed. It’s true and actually tells the customers what’s going on in an easy-to-understand way.

    At this point I hope they reclassify LTE advanced and WIMAX 2 as something other than 4G.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    pretty impressive. People in the know have been saying for a quite sometime the big 3 are ready to just flip a switch. And all the windies thoughts the profits went into my pockets! Awww BTW what is that I just read.. Wind is now taking roof top units off line?


  • ozzy

    does anyone on this website know what the f*ck they are talking about. 4g stands for 4th generation. at one time the imt advanced requirements for 4g were 100mbps(lte)but recently the world telecomunications commision said that hspa+ is 4g(which makes sense because how can you have 3rd.5 generation) and hspa+ is still fast but the devices need to catch up to the speed we have now. 21mbps per sim allows for very fast speed. our next evolution will give us what really? the ability to download faster, but they will limit that soon just like whats happening in the states right now.

  • Sub-Joker

    I’m on rogers, I ran speed tests and the fasterst I managed to get was a bit lower than 5 mbps (download speeds). and I live in montreal downtown and that was using an unlocked Desire Z from Bell.
    SO my question is, what’s the real life speeds that the network offers??