Rogers teases with expanded Xperia Play & arc dedicated sites… still “coming soon”


  • zorxd

    The play can be interesting, if they can have some big games.
    However the Arc is yet an other Qualcom 1GHz single core Adreno 205, which is so 2010!

    • DarkisFever

      Haha totally agree, the Arc just looks dumb. At least the play if a somewhat good looking phone however the Sony UI looks awful!

    • bummy

      I kinda disagree…
      Play and Arc are in completely different markets.

      Find me a 1ghz android phone with a better design. How many average consumer know how many ghz is in an iPhone?

    • zorxd

      The problem is that those who buy a phone for the look/trend already bought an iPhone. I don’t think there is a huge market left for the Arc. If it had released last fall, it might have been different however. It’s just too little too late. What scares me is that it might actually be rogers’ best phone for a while… unless they get the Nexus S too of course.

  • Andy c

    The only potential the arc has is if the camera is as good as they make it out to be. Even then its a Nicholas market they are going after

    • Andy c

      Stupid soft keyboard

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    The arc is the Rogers’s Desire HD… about the same specs with better screen, camera and connectivity option…

  • jbarns

    The non-root factor will be the deciding factor. I’m not getting stuck with Gingerbread for 2 years.

  • sdipaola

    Rogers/Sony has so messed up the android dev with the sonyE X10 ( a great phone crippled by Rogers/Sony lack of android updates) many people will never go with Sony on Rogers again. I would be careful here.

  • Francis Gauthier

    Im waiting for the Sony Arc. It will be a very good phone. The Led Bravia screen its amazing!! Better than the Super Amoled. It will have 2.3 directly at the no worry about that.

    • thilan29

      An LCD screen better than SuperAMOLED?! Riiiight. I’ve used LCD, AMOLED (non-pentile), and SuperAMOLED. The AMOLED screens blew the LCD screen out of the water. Text was slightly crisper on the LCD but that was the only advantage. Super LCD maybe gets a bit closer but still will not be able to touch almost any AMOLED screen.

  • mark

    I believe locked bootloader doesn’t stop rooting hence the Atrix being rooted despite having a signed bootloader. So you can still use root apps. The only issue is custom kernels and the ROMS built on them for better function. But after looking at the UI the phone looks centered toward multimedia. Something I would happily replace an iPhone 4 for as all I use it for is music/movies and browsing/text/emails/ calls.

    Sony’s music capabilities are unquestioned. That is the reason I use the sony headphones on the iPhone instead of the crappy ones that come with it. World of difference when I first used the Sony ones. My friend who has a X10 could care less about ROMs and still happy with his X10. Personally if a phone works out of the box I don’t want to waste time putting another OS. And Rogers puts minimal crapware on it too. On top of that, the design screams “amazing cool”. lol I am a sucker for eye candy 😛

    In short, there are reasons to buy Arc even if others disagree. Not a bad phone at all.

  • M.J.

    @thilan29, Not to bring down super amoled because it is amazing! But the bravia engine super screen on the sony arc is better then the super amoled, look up tests on youtube proving its dominance, blues, greens, reds, and even blacks, turned out to be a lot more crisper and accurate on the bravia run screen. It’s crazy nice and even making me think twice about waiting for the galaxy s 2 or upgrade to this puppy, then again the nexus s is coming too haha


    The X10 has been rooted…I am currently running 2.2 on mine thanks to XDA!! And you cant blame Rogers for the lack of updates as this was SE’s fault and not Rogers as Sony is the one who has to customize it to their phones!!!! Trust me, SE has learned their lesson and you can look for them to be on top of their game this time around because of the backlash!!!

    Reviews are saying that this the screen on the Arc out performs the screen on the Galaxy S!! Also, the ARC has the best camera I have ever seen in a smartphone!!!! Search google for sample pics from The Arc and just take a look at the nighttime photos!!!

  • mark

    Nexus S looks like an ugly 3GS IMO. All HTC phones look like Evo variants with different sizes. Moto’s design is not something really “captivating” either lol. So far only the Arc looks like it can stand out from the rest and not look like it is trying to copy iPhone.

    Once I saw that the Galaxy S 2 looked like iPhone 4 it turned me off. People are going to disagree but get one and watch others inquire if it is a new iPhone 4/5 you are using lol.

  • Fenrir767

    @Mark The Nexus S isn’t an HTC phone, it’s being built by Samsung it’s very similar to a Galaxy S

  • Mark

    I didn’t say it was an htc phone 🙂

  • Sim

    by the time they are done ‘teasing’ and release those phones, android would already be in the next version..

  • TomX

    When are they going to tease us with the Xperia Pro?

  • Cool there

    Chill guys!
    one thing is sure Arc has a way better design and features…but it lacks a secondary cam. Its sleek n looks nice.
    Comparing android market and apple’s app store is not worth it. App store has been in existence for many years but android market has just established and it has grown much. You guys can compare the features and specs of this with other android phones…its still better.