OPP adding the emerging trend of “distracted driving” as a cause of injury and death

Most provinces across Canada have banned the use of hand held devices while driving. CAA spokesman Ian Jack recently stated that “The message hasn’t sunk in yet that it’s a really bad idea to be looking at your wireless device while driving. We’re dealing right now with a generation of teenagers who seem to have their wireless devices stapled to their hands, 24/7. Older drivers don’t have that habit and a lot of people who are about to get their driver’s licence do have that habit of constantly texting. The problem is only going to get worse.”

Today the OPP released their 2010 Traffic Safety Results and shows there were 330 road fatalities (up from 310 in 2009). The OPP says their Provincial Traffic Safety Program (PTSP) targets and tracks “the big three” causes of injury and death: impaired driving, aggressive driving and failure to use occupant restraints. As a results of the increased fatalities and the increased use of hand held devices while driving, the OPP is adding to the “big three” a 4th “distracted driving” category.

Chris Lewis, Commissioner of the OPP stated in a release that “Despite our continued success, we need to address emerging trends that may be contributing to increased road fatalities and injuries. As such, we will be developing our PTSP to include “distracted driving” as a fourth causation factor and we will continue to use our resources effectively so that we can create an even greater impact on the safety and security of the citizens of our province”

Source: CNW