Mobilicity puts the “Robelus Mobile Screw You Down-Filled Vest” on eBay

This is hilarious. Just when you think Mobilicity couldn’t do anything more to promote their $69 Couple Plan they have gone and one-upped it. Last week they sent a team of people to hit the streets in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton to hand out condoms and tell them to “Stop Getting Screwed” by “Robelus”.

Today they have gone ahead and put those vests up for grabs on eBay and aptly called it the “Robelus Mobile” Screw You Down-Filled Vest”. To raise the stakes even higher Mobilicity says the “Campaign condom (Durabrand) also included”. All monies raised will be going towards the S’Cool Life Fund that raises money for public school programs.

The biding ends on March 2nd at 5:23:01… Check it out here at eBay
Via: Mobilicity