TELUS releasing the Nokia C3-01 “Touch and Type” soon


  • EraqEE

    Pretty impressive specs for a regular phone.

  • howi

    @EraqEE, I have used it along with the X3-02 “Touch and Hype” for a while… they are big disappointment to me as long time Nokia fan. I do not mind it is resistive touch screen but size is too small to practical and quite frustrated to use for the daily routines.

  • Nick

    5MP in a feature phone! Pretty good.

    Not my cup of tea, but certainly an improvement over 9-key brick phones of the past.

  • howi

    @Nick, 5MP camera without AF and the image quality is not impressive at all. Improvement over the traditional 12-key (we need to count 0, *, # as well) candy bar… NONE in my case. Do not forget the relative small screen has to reserve a bigger “row” for the soft-key at the bottom, which takes away the already sacred real estate.

  • Harold J.

    Talking to Telus’ filipino Call Centre – no thanks~!

  • Dawn

    I’ve used only Nokia phones for the last 15 years and I used to say: ‘once a Nokia lover, always a Nokia lover’.
    Not anymore.
    Especially after jumping in bed with Micro$oft.
    I know their options were pretty limited but I think a smart move would have been to offer a certain percentage of their phones with Android.

  • halo

    wow what an iphone killer.

    • Stuntman

      More like an iPod killer. This would be perfect for my wife. She can put all her music on it. She also won’t miss calls if she is on the treadmill listening to her music because she’ll be using her phone as well.

  • howi

    @Dawn: I can absolutely share your disappointment. I mean, beyond the emotions in the strategy of smartphone platform changes (essentially killing the S60 and mothball the MeeGo), even the practical S40 phone platform that used to dominant the mobile world is wrecked by the wrong concept such as this “Touch and Hype”. Once again, I am telling from my first-hand experience with this C3-01 and X3-02… they both have identity crisis, less stellar ergonomics and not practical for the daily routine.