Virgin matches Koodo with $35 Unlimited Incoming Plus Plan


  • Horton


  • Zefoutch

    its about time Virgin adds call display lol and for the data part…lets hope Koodo will show some nice one for the LG optimus one

  • Jim R

    Points to Virgin for including CID.

    • Andy C

      all they did was match koodo’s plan. CID and 5pm evenings.

      its not a bad plan for those who work 9 – 5 and dont need a ton of daytime mins

  • Zeake

    I need MOAR call displayz


    HMMM i got the old one: same plan but starts at 6pm but i got Voicemail 10. Anyway Competition is GOOD 🙂

  • j

    Virgin needs to beat competition, not just match it.

  • Rookie

    wow 150 daytime mins….Let me cancel my unlimited plan …..

  • Don

    Let’s see how much this so-called $35 plan actually costs:

    Plan: $35.
    Voicemail: $7
    Data: $10 (100MB, cheapest they have)

    $52/month for a plan with voice mail, caller id, and 100MB of data. Ridiculous.

  • MER1978

    Virgin is now a full month late for updating the HTC Legend with Froyo… how many of them are out there I wonder.

  • End


  • espink

    Its not much, but at least competition is slowly starting to work. Only if these guys can offer more than a call display bonus now.

  • Terry

    This is hardly Unlimited Plus. It SHOULD be called Unlimited Except.

    Unlimited Except any time before 5pm during the week.
    Unlimited Except if you want to use data.
    Unlimited Except for incoming text messages (maybe I dunno)
    Unlimited Except incoming long distance calls
    Unlimited Except long distance calls (probably, it doesn’t say)

    • InapWit

      The plan is called unlimted INCOMING Plus – as it includes incoming, plus early evenings and call display.

      Which would mean incoming calls are included (regardless of where they originate) as long as you are in your local calling area.

      Oh, and it does clearly say it includes unlimited local and international text, so I’m not too sure what you’re talking about …

    • Terry

      I assumed it meant unlimited sent text, not received. It’s not clear on that, well the article anyways.

      And I see that it says incoming. So then where’s the unlimited incoming long distance? At least Canada long distance incoming.

      Or INCOMING data! lol

    • Wooot

      1-Unlimited incoming text are included in this plan, as well as outgoing(global texts)
      2-. Incoming long distance calls are included if you are in your local zone.Otherwise it will be charged.
      3- Data aint’ unlimited, yes, but don’t forget than unlimited plans costs a bit more with competitors.
      4-Yes longs distances calls are not included indeed.
      Not trying to defend em, just trying to make it clear.
      5- they still are the cheapest of the Big 3 with Fido


  • Luke

    this imporvement but not by much

    fido just came out (thanks to for info) with unlimted local calls and text

    virgin or koodo come out with that yet? Fido ain’t perfect but they are first to actually really try to match new companies.

    ask your mobile providers for what you want and metion competition or try someone else is my advice.

    Best wishes on dealing with this deceitful industry.