WIND creates “Irrepressible” & “Unbreakable” plans for Vancouver & Edmonton


  • Doodle

    Being a Wind user, I have to admit that Wind needs to offer plans first, rather than play catch up.

    • Jonesy1966

      Why is it so important? I makes no difference who launches a plan first or second. Besides, Mobilicity’s Vancouver plans were created to take into account the dismal launch and roaming fiaso, Edmonton’s because they launched too early and just don’t have sufficient network there.

    • espink

      I agree Jonesy. Its a great offer either if Wind offered it first or not. Wind covers more of the Edmonton are than Mobi does though. Now I wish one of the 2 would cover the international airport here in Edmonton

    • Jonesy1966

      People also forget that it was Wind who forced Mobilicity to change their entire plan strategy last year. Ultimately does it matter? Not in the slightest.

    • espink

      Yep. I got in on the original unlimited $40 plan. I got to give them a call this afternoon to dock another $5 off. This competition, even between the new guys, is awesome for us consumers.

  • wiley

    I’d love to be able to use my HTC Legend with WIND. I’d jump all over the unlimited everything.

    I wish Virgin would offer these plans.

    Who knows maybe give my wife my Legend and I can switch to WIND using the BB 9780. Only problem is, is its not touchscreen. And not sure about the Milestone XT, though my pal had it and he likes it.

    I wish WIND had some other Android phones right now.

    • EC

      why would you wait? just buy a freaking tmobile phone and GET ON!

      im using a TMO HD7 on wind now and it works great (except mms)

      you can get the TMO G2, root it, flash it with gingerbread and away you go

  • Graham

    Is that not basically the exact same as the holiday miracle plan?

    • Don

      these are cheaper and include data. I think the holiday plan was for $45 month

  • Melll

    Jesus… I hope Wind goes nation wide soon or at least come to the London area.

    These plans are mind blowing 🙁

    I pay $75 a month for 200min 500gb data and some basic features…


  • Dave

    dooble, explain to me another plan they can offer? The only thing left to do is offer unlimited global caling. I am sure they don’t want to keep having to match Mobilicity but if they want to compete, they have to. There is only so low you can go with a price before it becomes not feasible.

  • Dan

    dooble, explain to me another plan they can offer? The only thing left to do is offer unlimited global caling and no one is going to do that. I am sure they don’t want to keep having to match Mobilicity but if they want to compete, they have to. There is only so low you can go with a price before it becomes not feasible.

  • Phil

    OMG! I wish we will have WIND in Quebec City someday…

    • End

      Montreal first!!!

    • Dan

      Don’t count on it, unless there is a roaming agreement created with videotron or a buyout you will not have Wind in Quebec.

  • Anti-robellus

    They Should call this the we only competitive with mobilicity plan.

  • Dan

    I have wind but I mean this is starting to get a little ridiculous.

    Followers will be followers.

    • Terry

      This IS getting ridiculous! I mean what is Wind trying to imply? They are competing!?

      What the HECK is competition in the wireless industry, I’ve never heard of this in Canada and it offends and scares me! I won’t like change! Keep things the way it is!

      What’s next? We’re lose dependency of coal power plants with, pfft, Wind and solar power!? Pffft! Not if my fear of future has anything to do with it!

      Change sucks!

  • Harry

    I’m counting down the days until this company will merge with mobilicity or go bust either or

  • jeff

    Its painful seeing all these less painful plans and not being able to use them…

  • Carl Muir

    Not sure exactly where the competition is as the big 3 still have the same plans and terms and it’s Wind and Mobi battling it out for table scraps. I’m worried (unlike the big 3) that one will knock the other out.
    This is like Sears and the Bay laughing while the Dollar Store and Dollarama fight it out.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Wind always follows I am afraid. They are not going to bring in any new phones or get any new staff until they find out if the sale goes through. No new handsets except the fisher price ones and lets not forget the hewies. Oh look Mickey on the wind forum is telling everyone how his wind phone works just fine.. he has to earn his money.. funny tell him places to go with the phone and he will not.. just claims the phone works everywhere.. typical wind troll.. oh sign the petition lol quashed

    • Jonesy1966

      Trolling Wind’s forums are you, Rocco? Despite that being completely counter intuative to what you believe, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It smacks of the hypocracy you accuse others of. I mean you’re even anonymous there aren’t you, you don’t even have to nerve to post under you own “handle”. I won’t even bother to ask you to do so, we all know you won’t.

      Truly pathetic.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      But I do post there jonesy I am Michael, or I could be Tammy.. Mcanns I am jimmy the nose, ok bobby the chin But Wind did give something to its employees.. pink slips.. cutting staff.. closing a few kiosks, back office front office and call center cut backs this week also..

      gooo wind! now that uncle swarie’s accounts are frozen jabroni needs to make the 600k from somewhere..

      petition quashed

    • Jonesy1966

      Why don’t you have the b@lls to post under Rocco StiffRedi? Don’t bother answering; it was rhetorical, I already know the answer.

      I wouldn’t be so concerned about Wind closing a few franchised kiosks, all were under a reviewable one year contract anyhow, I would be more concerned with Public literally spanking your precious Mobilicity into 3 major SW Ontario suburban cities.

  • Buck

    Rocco, if WIND tries to compete with someone it is called following, what about Rogers and the “competitive” plan they just announced. They are basically copying Bell and Telus. That is ok in your book because it is Rogers? Every compete tries to match the competitor. WIND is just being a smart business.

  • Spoy

    The Vancouver $25 plan does not include Canadian Long Distance, I just phoned them up.

  • JoshG

    I literally just left Wind to go to Mobilicity 4 days ago because Wind wouldn’t match Mobi’s $40 a month.

    What a hassle. I insisted I would stay if they would match the price, but they said they “coudn’t”, and wouldn’t let me talk to their manager about it. Now look at this s**t.

    Wind’s customer service is very bad. Their “call back” feature is bogus. They were supposed to call me back Saturday morning and I still haven’t heard from them…

    • espink

      In the cases I dealt with Wind’s customer service it has been fine, but the “call back” feature is pretty poor. I takes them a long time to call back. I’m guessing they are under staffed.

    • Luke

      this happned ot me too Josh in Toronto, you aren’t the only ones.I left wind, I’d rather deal with Fido, at least their customer service is better. (all companies evil in my books but fido least of all for me). At least I can rely on getting a call.

  • Regulator

    Go Wind!

  • Bungler

    @ melll wow 500gb a data! That’s a lot of data for your phone


  • Luke

    funny how wind says “freedom for all” yet only charges these to out west customers, ontario customers get d!@& all.

    mobilicity is now creating the changes (I don’t love either company) but if I had to choose, I’d go with Mobilicity.

    feel the love from wind? I certainly don’t.

  • Halo

    Damn it. Why did videotron had to jump into Quebec auctiion. Quebec will never get such an attractive plans. Sigh.

  • Len

    Wind, please come to Windsor and be my valentine.

  • MS

    I dont care wind does not offer service in my area and don plan to come here any time soon

    • jonesy1966

      You obviously care enough to make a comment, MS.

  • baconeater

    Anybody run a t-mobile g2 on wind? Besides unlocking, would you just plug a sim in, and set the apn?

  • Warren

    Just called wind about the plans and they DO NOT allow you to tether. Anyone who has the miracle plan and considering moving to this may want to reconsider saving the 60 bucks a year.

  • Len

    If your using a rooted android device, there is no distiction between tether data and device data. tether away.

  • gameg2l

    Really?! I’ve called twice and both times they said we can tether on the new plan O_O.
    I also walked into a store (not a corporate one though) and the sales told me that tethering is OK…
    I don’t know who to believe now


    These guys have amazing marketing and I love it.
    $0 DOLLARS AND NO CONTRACT $29 for unlimited minutes, data, and text BUT THERE IS CATCH SEE NEXT TWO BULLETINS:
    – TO CANCEL you HAVE TO PAY THE PHONE – When you get 0$ dollar phone, on your bill still shows $433 outstanding cost for the phone.
    Each month you pay your bill 10% of the monthly service cost towards your phone. Therefore, with $29 monthly plan $2.9 goes towards the phone. In 12 months you have paid $34.8 towards the phone. If you like to change the provider after 12 months you have to pay $398.2 for the phone and leave or continue to use their plan.
    – IF YOU PAY 24 CENT A MINUTE IF ROAMING. In Edmonton, where I live dependent which way I move through the city, every tow hours I would be paying roaming charges for at least one hour or more. But because my house is located in the East side of the city just outside the coverage area ( I would not known this if I accidentally did not check) I would be paying roaming charges whole night long + those hours that I am at home THAT WOULD BE AT LEAST $3 A DAY (one month $90 just in roaming charges + cost of text god for bid if I am texting while I am at home