Mobilicity gives Edmonton love by offering All-in $35 monthly Insiders’ Plan

Remember long before Mobilicity launched their go-to-market name they were formerly known as Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. (DAVE Wireless). Within the first few months of getting spectrum DAVE plastered bus ads stating “COMPETITION IS COMING” and other tag lines such as “Don’t lock into a wireless contract you’ll regret” and “Like contract? Go to law school”… well it slowly seems they are making an impact and winning people over. They are currently in 4 cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver) and Calgary will be launching sometime this quarter.

Mobilicity offers 3 Unlimited plans and have steadily been discounting them in various cities. This past week in Vancouver they brought back the Grand Opening specials and dropped each of their plans by $5/month. The Unlimited Talk/Text/Data plan hit a low $40/month. Now it seems Mobilicity is reaching out to Edmonton and dropping their rates even lower – hitting $35/month for “Insiders’ Plan” (otherwise known as the Family and Friends Plan) with Unlimited Talk/Text/Data. (Toronto had this offer a few months ago and it’s actually still available but you need to know somebody that works for Mobilicity to get it.)

Good offers happening over at Mobilicity… looking forward to the refresh of devices this month (and the Nexus S in March)

More here at Mobilicity Edmonton Store locator & Mobilicity Insider
Via: HoFo
(Thanks Steve!)