Mobilicity gives Edmonton love by offering All-in $35 monthly Insiders’ Plan


  • Harry

    Mobilicity should use all their current funds and purchase Windmobile they double their towers over nights and windmobile will be out of business officialy and comply with canadian ownership laws!!!

    • jonesy1966

      A company with 94,000 subs buying one with 250,000+??? Hilarious! Besides, why don’t you ask around as to where Mobi’s money comes from? I think you may be surprised.

  • scotiaguy

    I really hope all the new cell companies come to Nova Scotia as we are tired of being screwed by the big 3!

  • Teller Of Truth

    Oh that will be coming maybe,rumor has it that if foreign ownership regulations are changed Mobi will have backers from Telcos such as T-Mobile and they may go for it or with others…the main thing now is to get Mobi Subs up and to make Wind lose steam as much as possible which would force the sale as Swasiman has limits to losing money.In the 90’s Orascom made great errors with third world countries where loses were enormous and shareholders will bail if that happens again which is why they are having such a hard time merging with the Russian giant.Nothing about technology…it’s just a game to them to make high profits by building services/networks cheap…why do you think Wind after a year in business still have blocked ports/dropped calls/billing problems/humming/shitty phones/lousy Tech support/untrained employees seeking a union being used/etc.Wind is a joke and hopefully they will be bought out sooner than later.

    • jonesy1966

      ToF, let’s address some falicies first, shall we? First of all Wind no longer blocks ports and hasn’t done for about 8 months. Dropped calls? Really? Been with Wind for almost a year and NEVER had a dropped call, which is more than I can say for Bell, my previous carrier. Two of my friends are using their Wind phones as their sole line as they were impressed with the quality of their signal. No-one I know has had any quality issues at all making us all wonder where these phantom whiners come from. Thirdly, never had a billing problem. Fourthly, I had the humming sound precisely twice since I joined and that was right at the beginning and never since. Fifthly, crappy phones? The 9700 I’m currently using has been the best built, most reliable phone I’ve ever had, it also cost me $95 less than Mobilicity was selling it for at the time.

      From my and many others’ perspective you’re absolutely full of cr@p and this whole Mobilicity vs. Wind fanboy infighting is just a complete joke.

    • LikeMyMobiflip

      Sawiris’ eye is on the spectrum. He cares less if the operation makes money or not. As a matter of fact, the more it loses, is because the more Sawiris’s foreign companies are charging or overcharging Winds for all the contracting and services and 19% interest charge (imagine a corporation paying a credit card like rate to run a business! How will it ever pays any Canadian income tax!), and shipped the C$ out of Canada. Lasavera left holding a bag of losses and valuable tax deductible losses. The real price is the resell value of the spectrum Winds now holds. In four years time, it will worth a lot more.

      Now, the judge has ruled it illegal. Would be interesting to see the unwind of Winds.

      Mobilicity service I have had for 4 weeks, running without any problem and seems like a good operator. Provides good value and deserve to win. If Mobilicity decides to raise cash through IPO, I would jump in.

    • jonesy1966

      ToF, I forgot to mention. Check out Mobi’s “unknown investors” in their voting shares. Seems to me that all that US $ buys some silence.

    • jonesy1966

      Sorry, that should read “unnamed investors”.

  • LikeMyMobiflip

    Agree with you, Harry.

    We must have a fair and level playing field to increase competition.

    Globalive should not have the rights to operate in Canada because it doesn’t meet the law and regulation others had to meet. Their spectrum should be given back to a Canadian operator. Mobilicity would be a sensible buyer. Mobilicity has proven themselves as a good competitor.

    I would love to be a Mobilicity shareholder if they decide to raise cash to buy out Globalive.

    • jonesy1966

      LikeMyMobiFlip, you’re showing complete ignorance of the facts. Globalive is a Canadian company as determined by the Canadian government. Tony Clement was on CBC this morning stating he will appeal this ruling and that the CRTC, run by ex Bell and Rogers hacks incidentally, was wrong to deny Globalive in the first place. It’s going to take years for the dust to settle on this one but Wind will still be standing at the end of the day.

  • espink

    Awesome deal, but Mobi coverage is just way to small in Edmonton. They only stick to the city of Edmonton. Their coverage doesn’t include any of the suburbs in the greater Edmonton area. Guess I’ll be sticking with my $40 plan with Wind. I love Mobi phone selection though.

  • jeff

    I hope the new providers ether get to my area or the existing giants actually clue in that better plan means more customers.

  • jonesy1966

    Of course I read it! Am I concerned? Not in the slightest.

    Have you read the entire judgement? Didn’t think so. It is available on line but I don’t have a link on me. Google it, read it and then ask me why I’m not worried if you can’t figure it out.

    Besides, there are so many avenues that this can be resolved quite easily. The only reason there’s a stink about this is because the press have once again only reported a quarter of the story. The rest has been embellished by trolls here and other forums.

    Get your facts straight!

  • jonesy1966

    If forgot to add, Clement was interviewed on CBC Radio One, The House @ 9:15 this morning. Go to their website and listen.

  • emprah

    Why is jonesy1966 so defensive? Oh, another shill for wind. lmao.

    • jonesy1966

      Emprah, I’ll tell you why I’m so defensive, but I was hoping you’d figure it out for yourself.

      Never mind, I don’t have the time for you to figure it out.

      Mobi fanboys, anti-winders, like yourself, have fanned this whole thing with lies and quarter truths. The net is teeming with evidence to deny you your “glory” but you’re too scared to bother working out what’s the truth and what’s not. You just follow your illustrious leader, he who shall not be named, blindly and without recourse.

      You and your ilk truly are pathetic and it’s so much fun toying with you and watching your little dances to escape the cross fire.

  • ken

    bye bye wind your gone into the wind and blowing back to Egypt where you belong. your corruption is not welcome here in Canada. I guess you wasted your money paying off Mr clement to bribe him to over turn the crtc decision. but I guess you couldn’t bribe the federal court judge since he’s a very honest judge. bye bye don’t let the door hit you on the way out

    • jonesy1966

      Oh, Ken. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it.

    • jonesy1966

      I love how this becomes a conspiracy almost as quick as it happened. It’s like Ken, et al, couldn’t be bothered to even consider anything that resembled fact and went straight to the path of least resistance. Guess that’s human nature for you.

  • baconeater

    Could I go in a request this plan, or do they really enforce the “knowing someone” aspect of the plan?

  • Nas

    You don’t need to know anyone to get this deal. 🙂

  • LikeMyMobiflip


    FYI. This is in the news today.

    “Who could benefit from Globalive ruling?

    Wind Mobile, one of the new entrants in the wireless sector, could be forced to merge with one of its rivals if Ottawa can’t turn the tables on a 2009 decision, analysts speculate.

    On Friday, the Federal Court blocked a cabinet order that allowed Wind to operate in the country despite a large amount of foreign capital. The cabinet had overturned a CRTC ruling, but the court found cabinet overstepped its authority.

    Analyst Maher Yaghi of Desjardins expects the government to appeal Friday’s court ruling, but “should the appeal fail or should the government be unable to rewrite its decision, a merger of Wind with other new entrants is the most rational longer term outcome.”

    Mr. Yaghi said he believed two of the three new entrants – Wind, Mobilicity and Public – should merge regardless, just to stay competitive given thew dominance of the three major players, the Bell unit of BCE Inc. , Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp.

    “While a merger was not a short-term priority for Wind, a delay in the change of the Telecommunications Act or a loss on appeal could have a disastrous effect; hence, Friday’s decision could increase the possibility of a merger occurring sooner in order to avert a potentially very negative outcome for Globalive.”

    Who could benefit from the ruling, if it sticks?

    Mr. Yaghi believes Mobilicity would be the biggest beneficiary, given that its pricing and areas of operation are similar.

    “As the largest wireless company in Canada, Rogers has arguably felt the most negative impact from new entrants, particularly Wind,” he added. “Therefore, Rogers stands to gain the most among the big three telcos should Wind become less competititve or if its operations are handicapped. Further, Rogers, as well as BCE and Telus, stand to benefit from the strain on Wind’s capital resources should lengthy legal battles ensue as a result of Friday’s decision.”

    Wind Mobile ruling puts Ottawa on the hot seat over foreign ownership rules.”

  • LikeMyMobiflip

    Wind and Mobilicity spectrum compatibility?

    If Mobilicity were to take off Wind, are they compatible in terms of spectrum, phone and backend system? May be I can use my phone in Quebec after all…hehehe.

  • LikeMyMobiflip


    When Sawiris charges 19% interest on money lending to Wind, do you call that loan sharking?


  • Nuclear Hamster

    If Wind is forced to sell and let’s hope they do,a merging wouldn’t be advisable with Mobi since they cover the same major cities with a technically better network that has to be built by Eric and instead Mobi would be wise with Canadian investors Mobi to grab areas where they are not licensed which would make more sense since they are the superior company…remaining Wind assets would have to be sold to anyone who is interested as long as they follow the initial rules and if Clement tries to change them he’d have a massive fight.The way you can help is join Mobi now and help them grow.

    • LikeMyMobiflip

      Good point Nuclear Hamster.
      Mobilicity is smart to just take Quebec territory and wherever it doesn’t have, and leave the other overlap alone.

      They should do an IPO and I will invest in it.

      BCE earnings in two days. I really want to hear what impacts so far are on them from the competition.

  • J

    Sick and tired of this Wind vs Mobilicity bashing. I want both of the companies to be successful to knock damned Robellus out of their ivory towers.

  • rember

    today sunday all day down the new system.mobilicity,what we get as compensation,I can’t phone out or do nothing anybody know what happen………

  • marcus_cole_2

    If Mobilicity blocking ports does anyone know what port are all the ports that they do not block IE ports that are open and if any one know what the open ports can work with µTorrent with out port forwarding and with out using a roter thank you i think it do bit that Mobilicity blocking ports i would rather have fronting of the bandwidth for the ports to like 20% 10% of bandwidth for the ports so other can use the net to and other can with being blocked what you all think

  • Daniel Rowley

    Hi There ,
    Does mobilicty buy out future customers plans ?
    Mobilicty sounds like a good choice .

  • Who knows

    Mobility Doesnt have full
    Coverage in Edmonton. Be careful
    Guys. You will roaming even within Edmonton.

  • kljkl

    MOBILICTY doesnt have coverge in Edmonton…..they been working on this issue since last year.