Virgin Mobile’s Valentine Day offer: First 25 who “break up” get upgraded to a BlackBerry

Virgin Mobile has created a new survey and also hired Rachel Petrie as their “Break Up Expert” this Valentine’s Day. Her role over the next few days is to help Canadians with tips of do’s and don’ts for ending bad relationships and finding love. Sounds all good. Before we get to the survey findings is that the real truth is that Virgin is pimping a new promo that offer for “the first 25 people who break up with their mobile phone company and switch their number to Virgin Mobile will get a free upgrade to a hot new BlackBerry Smartphone”.

The survey of 1,000 Canadians found that:
– 83% of Canadians have fallen out of love with Valentine’s Day
– 25% of Canadians aged 18-34 think it’s ok to break up by phone/text if they’ve been with the person for less than 3 months
– 10% of young Canadians say that they’ve snuck a pic of their new date to show their friends later
– 13% of young Canadians have asked a call or text message during their date so they can take off
– 6% of Canadians get creative and go for more original breakup lines like “My anxiety disorder makes it incapable to remain connected” or “I have rabies.”

Source: CNW