Upcoming Rogers Acer Liquid mt to be priced at $399.99 no-contract



    The no contract price is not bad!!! Just worried that it won’t get Gingerbread!!!

  • halo

    wtf? 399? you can find htc desire for 350 (easily) on kijiji
    for given spec it should be priced at 299

    • zorxd

      You can’t compare a new phone to a used one. The Desire is $450. Also the specs of this phone are better than the Desire. There is more to a phone than its CPU. The GPU and the 14.4 Mbps radio can be useful.
      This would probably be the best new $400 phone in Canada.

  • halo

    they just jacked up the price again to give more subsidies thus more ecf for end user

  • RogersGuy

    One thing to note, is that this phone does support 14.4mbps 3G (for those of you in the HSPA+ areas).

  • andy c

    am i missing something or does the only substantial upgrade over the Liquid E seem to be the HSPA+ radio?

    • Dwayne Carnochan

      Hello andy c,

      The metal look is kind of nice but the other major differences I see would be the LED flash and ability to record 720p HD video.

  • Tom

    Based on Acer’s past record, will this get Android 2.4? Has Acer made any commitments in this area?

    I wouldn’t buy an Android now unless I felt some confidence that it will get 2.4 (sounds like 2.3 is less important).

    Also, will it have any carrier added home-screen icons that I can’t remove? I think Rogers has been pretty good at not doing this, but apparently the U.S. carriers do it so I worry.

    Android is a great OS but you have to be careful buying an Android phone (or get a Nexus).

  • ehoustoun

    It’s also worth pointing out that the qualcomm 7230 is a 2nd generation CPU, and even at 800mhz it outperforms many of the first generation 1ghz phones. Thats a fantastic phone for the price I’d say.

    • zorxd

      From the 1st to the 2nd generation, the GPU has improved a lot, the power efficiency is better, but the CPU speed is the same clock for clock since it’s a die shrink.

  • midtoad

    The physical design of the original Liquid is poor. The curved edges on either side make it difficult to press the screen-on button without it slipping out of your hand. and the camera button is lethargic in starting the phone app. Check both of these features in the Metal to see if they’re improved.

  • Zim

    I’d like to see the UI on this in action before I upgrade. I have the Liquid E now and what I really like about it is the clean adoption of 2.2, without a ton of obnoxious skin (I’m looking at you, HTC) and custom apps. Rogers and/or Acer do bundle a few apps that I never use and can’t delete, but these can be easily enough ignored. I worry that this “Stream” UI is going to mess with me.

  • Ace

    Sorry, meant to say, no idea how long it will take, not no idea how long it took.

  • bubblz

    Will this phone come to Fido anytime soon?