MPP on the carriers device unlock policy: “consumers are tired of being gouged”

Ontario Liberal MPP David Orazietti recently introduced Bill 133 that’s taking aim to stop “unfair practices” by wireless carriers. Some of his objective are to reduce cancellation fees, make contracts easier to understand and force carriers to unlock devices when they’re paid for (after the contract period is completed). Various carriers such as Rogers, Fido and TELUS all have come forward with a $50 charge that gives customers the option to unlock their device.

Orazietti stated in a released that “The recent decision by Telus Mobility to offer unlocking as a paid service falls well short of providing customers with any meaningful new consumer protections. Telus’ decision fails to recognize that a device that has been paid for in full should automatically be accessible to the owner at no additional cost… Under Telus’ new rules, owners of many Smartphone models, such as the iPhone, the Samsung Elevate and the Samsung Advance as well as owners of older cell phone models will not be eligible to have their devices unlocked. When it comes to addressing unfair business practices, the major wireless service providers still have a very long way to go and frankly consumers are tired of being gouged by these companies.”


Source: SooToday