Videotron has handset promo… Nexus One drops to $49.95 again


  • cybik

    New stuff coming in, ’cause the old stuff is getting cleared out. Awesome.

  • Alexandre

    Probably to clear stock of Nexus One for arrival of the Nexus S…

    I don’t know why the BB Bold 9700 is still at 99,95$…

    • cybik

      I hope it won’t be -only- for the NS, ’cause if it is, I’ll be sad.


    Do you need to sign a contract to get these prices??

    • JFrosty

      There’s nothing bad about signing contracts in Quebec. Actually, you only lose if you don’t sign one since last year. Check out Bill 60.

  • halo

    it’s not the handset cost, it’s their plans, they suck, as for bill 60, it’s not as bad as ecf but still bad as they just jack up their price of the phone and give heavy discount on 3yr contract, and this amt of money will go twrds your new ecf.

  • Magesnz

    What is the rest of canada paying now to break a contract??? i’m really wondering? cause bell told me, i would be paying price of phone / 36 months – months payed… that the quebec formula right?

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    so VT has phones on sale, handsets wind dreams about.. while wind is hoping some glow in the dark veggie’s petition is going to save them.. I say a lot of people named anonymous on it.. pity its quashed. invalid 3o something days.. wind has stated they can not be compliant and now that uncle swarie is under investigation in egypt no more money honey ..