CRTC says the “CCTS is doing a good job of resolving complaints”

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS) was created in 2007 and is an independent and industry-funded agency where customers can dispute their billing, contract and service issues against telephone, wireless and Internet providers. All Canadian telecom service providers are mandated to join the CCTS.

Every year a report by the CCTS is released that goes into great detail of the number of complaints, type of complaints and providers who are receiving the most complaints. Wireless led the pack in the latest report with 51.7% of the total complaints. Billing error and contract issues were at the top for the 3rd straight year.

The CRTC just released a statement giving confidence in the CCTS. After a review of the organization Leonard Katz, the CRTC’s Vice-Chairman of Telecommunications said “Following an extensive review, we are satisfied that the CCTS is doing a good job of resolving complaints on behalf of consumers and small businesses. An independent agency like the CCTS is an essential intermediary in a market where competition is growing by the day and the majority of telecommunications services are no longer regulated.”

Customers must first try to resolve issues with their provider. If that fails you can go forth and lodge a complaint at the CCTS. Has anyone taken their complaints to the CCTS?