CRTC says the “CCTS is doing a good job of resolving complaints”


  • Mo s

    I’d say it’s pretty useless. Once I filed a complaint against fido and someone from Fido’s executive office tried to call me but since my phone was cut off, they couldn’t reach me. That’s all ccts did for me to ask fido to call me. I cancelled the complaint as it wasn’t going anywhere .

  • Jonesy1966

    How can an “industry funded” commission possibly be impartial? While we’re at it, the CRTC is loaded with ex board members and retired senior managers from the industry too so they could hardly be called impartial either.

    • Jonesy1966

      You’re better off complaining to the BBB, even as difficult as that is.

  • Andre

    Filing a claim against Bell through the CCTS worked wonderfully for me. I found the CCTS’s process easy to navigate and fair. Truly, the only reason I had to go the route I did was because Bell’s customer service people ignored what I was asking and kept parroting the same script, but I’m glad that there was an option with the CCTS.

  • Regulator

    This is almost as funny as JAWG patting hinself on the back with his own multiple handles.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    ragu do you have to hijack each and every topic. Listen just wait till JAWG says something and then react.. right now you are looking pretty bad. Here and on the Wind forums.

  • Regulator

    Nice try JAWg

  • Jonesy1966

    JAWG, you could take your own advice. If Regulator does what you claim, you virtually mirror him except he targets you and your crew while you constantly deride Wind. I really can’t tell the difference.

  • Andrew

    LOL, after yesterdays judgement on UBB from the CRTC they have no credibility. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

  • JAWG

    Is it funny that the thumbs for and against are all around 24 and 25 and a few minutes ago the were much lower…interesting!

  • Fate

    I’ve taken 2 complaints to the CCTS, one against Telus and one against Bell. Both times the issue was resolved to my satisfaction, Telus cancelled the remaining 18 months of my contract (which I wanted) and Bell allowed me to get a different phone (which is what I asked for) after 6 months with that POS Galaxy S Vibrant. Both times the companies weren’t going to do anything for me until I complained to the CCTS, then they bent over and gave me what I wanted.

  • bubbles

    really now? so one pile of s**t complementing the other pile!

  • Archangelca

    CRTC should learn from CCTS about protecting consumers.