Wind offering a free SIM card to all “unsatisfied current Mobilicity customers”

The battle for new entrant wireless success is heating up. Mobilicity for example is doing very well by bringing in thousands of new customers in the Q4 period and also bringing on wanted handsets – one in particular is the upcoming Android Nexus S. Wind continues to pump out the offers and has stated they will be releasing new Android devices and possibly the new BlackBerry PlayBook soon.

Both Mobilicity and Wind came out with a new $45 all-in Unlimited talk, text and data plan a few days ago. It now seems that Wind is looking to possibly grab hold of some “unsatisfied current Mobilicity customers”… In the internal doc that was sent into us it shows that Wind is giving a “Free SIM Card for Mobilicity Customers Nationwide”. Apparently this offer was already happening last month and they are extending it to their other cities… the doc is below

Currently, WIND is offering a free SIM card to all Mobilicity customers in Vancouver as they continue to experience challenges “optimizing” their network. The program has been such a success out west that WIND is now making the offer available nationwide!

In an effort to win over any potentially unsatisfied current Mobilicity customers, WIND will be offering all current Mobilicity a free SIM card – A $25 value. By offering a free SIM Card, Mobilicity customers can easily port their phone number and join WIND and take advantage of our great plans such as: The Winter Wonder Plan and the $25 Always Shout Special Edition.

Mobilicity customers using a Sony Ericsson phone or the Goolge Nexus One will already have their phone unlocked and only require a WIND SIM card in order to begin using our service. All other customers, will have to have their phones unlocked beforehand or they can purchase a new WIND handset.”

(Thanks tipster!)