First look at the TELUS HTC Desire HD!


  • Douglas

    sweet lookin!!!!!!!! love telus

  • Acey

    Assuming it’s $499 off contract, I’ll probably pick one up.

  • Jarrod

    looking good telus is starting to stack up the androids
    this looks like a sweet phone

  • Nissamin

    Wait, the desire HD does not have a Telus 3G bands!!!!!!!!!!! Weird!

    • Jarrod

      yes it does

    • Lance W

      Well this is obviously a North American version. If they didn’t make them, nobody would be using a HTC phone in Canada.

    • zorxd

      The original Desire was 900/2100 MHz. Telus got a 850/1900 MHz one. Why would it be different for the DHD?

    • macy

      the North American Version of HTC Desire HD do support Telus as
      – GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
      – 3G Data – North & South American (850/1900)

  • roccos_van

    Just sold my desire on ebay now using the fascinate rooted with 2.2, desire hd here I come!

    • 0mega1

      oh, hi 😉

    • roccos_van

      LOL! Omega u da man bro!

  • Lucas

    I hate when the carriers use their phone selection to sell their crappy overpriced rip-off service.

    Special Holiday Data from Telus = $10 for 100MB.

    Or how about “Get a FREE! phone”… with a minimum of $50 voice and data plan… No thanks.

    Telus, rogers and bell suck.

    • Ger

      Nobody is pointing a gun at your head and forcing you to sign up for “crappy overpriced rip-off service”…if you don’t want the service, then don’t get the phone. For people who ARE okay with staying with Telus for whatever reason, they now have another great device to choose from.

    • KV

      Ger you are everything that’s wrong with the canadian mobile market.

      “hey man ill let you screw me if i can get a “free” phone”

      nothings free Ger you just expect me and others to pick up your tab buddy. Well done

    • Ger

      @KV If someone CHOOSES to sign a contract to get a free device, it’s their own decision. How am I “everything that’s wrong with the Canadian mobile market”? I buy my devices unlocked and I don’t currently have a contract. I never said that I jump for these offers, I only stated that SOME people really don’t have an issue with getting a great, low (initial) cost device in exchange for three years of their business. Re-read my comment and see that I never said anything is completely free. I’m sorry that the truth goes against your opinion, but it is the truth.

    • Tim

      Well just picked up a HTC Desire on a 3-Year with the $10 add-on and $20 voice plan [with extra stuff in it like CID, bonus minutes].

      Basically bypassing the $50 requirement imposed by them. Now maybe we should have waitied, i knew the Desire HD was coming, just didn’t know when haha.

  • roccos_van

    Or you can get six gigs for 30 bucks like I have.

    • Cody

      No, that permotion is expired, I contacted them about it yesterday and they said that was no longer available and the flex plan would auto adjust if you pass the data in a specific tier. I won’t pay $95 for 5+ GB, I wish we had mobilicity here!

  • Lance W

    Needs a higher res. screen and bigger battery.

    • OMG Ponies!

      Screen isn’t a huge issue, battery is.
      Awesome phone, would be nice if it had a bit more juice to save on making sure I have chargers everywhere 🙂

  • george

    the best android yet

  • Mathieu

    Looks great.
    Too bad it runs HTC Sense and won’t have Android OS updates sooner.
    (HTC Sense may be the better Android customization but I still prefer up-to-date stock Android)

    • Sined

      Custom UIs slowing down updates is a myth, it comes down to how bad a carrier and manufacturer want to put it out. Look at how fast the EVO 4 (/w Sense) got Froyo compared to the original DROID (Stock Android).

    • Khav

      In this case it wouldn’t be custom UI slowing it down, it’d be telus. They got the 2.1 Hero update like half a year after the rest of the world.

    • zorxd

      yep and as confirmed by the timestamp, it was made in the same month as the international release. Meaning Telus took 6 months to release an update without working on it.

  • nk_blu

    What’s the battery capacity on this thing? Because anything under 1400mAh for these type of high performance phones makes it really hard to push it for single day use.

    • Jef Goebel

      Reviews are everywhere and many say battery life is weaker than expected for a phone you’ll prpbably use so much… but I don’t care. I charge in car and at my desk. I used the Desire for 2 weeks and anted one. The HD is just a step above. I won’t let negatives sway me (giggle).

  • AdamBomb

    Damn it Rogers you failed me again! I’m really tempted to switch to Bell or Telus but Rogers is only that carrier that gets me a signal at my school. I wish Rogers and HTC didn’t have that 911 fiasco.

  • Dexter

    Too sick! I’ve been waiting on this one.

  • Jim R

    Telus does seem to get some good phones.

  • Cody

    Knew it!!

  • Stevearino

    hmmmm…guess ima bout to jump ship from Rogers…sorry guys, but this phone is da BOMB!!!

  • Tom Brady

    2011= dualcore 4g phones. why would anyone buy this.

    • gbo

      Hey Tom Brady, I totally agree with you with the exception that it will be 8 to 12 months until we in Canada actually get to see dual-core phones.

      That said, when this comes out, if nothing else better is confirmed to be coming out in the near future, this very well may be my next phone. It comes pretty close to fitting exactly what I want, mostly because of it’s 4.3 inch screen. I may be able to finally be able to stop complaining. Well almost stop complaining.

    • chunks

      Is 2.3 or even 3.0 optimized for dual core processors? If not, battery life on Android will likely be worse than it is now. If 2.3/3.0 are optimized, then battery life shouldn’t be affected.

      (For me, went through the same issue when dual core processors came out on laptops.)

    • GMan

      There’s always something better coming out later. So by your logic, you should never buy a phone. Or computer.

  • Miknitro

    Smoking phone to be on Telus, woot.

    Wtg Telus, bout time the sleeping giant woke.

  • canada

    Will this even come out for bell?

  • JK

    keep it coming Telus! Expecting great phones next year!

  • farmerpete

    First 4.3 inch phone in Canada. Hopefully this is the first of many!

  • tye

    Dam… I just got the desire z from bell. EBay here I come.

  • Kmacsouris

    As long as it can be unlocked so that I can use it with Bell, I’ll be getting it!

  • Jim

    I just about bought the Desire this week as I haven’t heard anything on the HD for sometime. Glad I didn’t.

  • ryan

    Hmm…hopeing that when my desire comes back from the repair shop, I will be offered a free upgrade to the desire he 🙂

  • Jeffrey Morris

    Thank god I won that Fascinate from MobileSyrup and didn’t go buy a Desire Z. Now, I will be able to afford the Desire HD!

    Anyone wanna buy a Fascinate for about 300 dollars?

  • Colin

    4.3″ screen? The way that it’s going, by next year, the norm big screen handset (non tablet) is going to have a 6″ screen and every one will have special satchels just to carry them around.

  • Haikuguy

    Will the unlocked version be able to work with rogers?

    • roccos_van


    • Mark

      It’ll work. Just don’t count on the Rogers network being able to process 911 calls on HTC phones.

  • Miknitro

    This mobile site is weird.

    Last night was two pages of comments including mine.
    Today there is one page, an my comment is missing in action again.

    I seen my comments disappearing from the contest thread too, thought I just couldn’t find them, but now I see, they are being removed.

    For what reason I ask?

    • Miknitro

      lol, The second after I hit reply, the second page appears.


  • Havoc

    No front facing camera? WTF that should be a standard by now, especially on high end phones like this… (ex HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy S i9000/Vibrant, Nexus S, Epic 4G, iPhone 4, most Nokia phones, etc)

  • Andy c

    Nice phone.

    I’m content with my current android phone and the only thing that will get me to upgrade at this point is if the battery could at least go a few days between charge with moderate to heavy use

  • pin2high

    … again 6 months late. I’m sure they try but Telus is so much a “me too!” provider, and no front facing camera (deal breaker)on this one. I have been so patient with Telus, to be innovative and leading edge but with 11 months, 11 hours and 15 minutes remaining in my 3 year contract, I’m going to be looking at hopefully “greener grass” for my next choice. Sorry Telus.

  • Jef Goebel

    I have been waiting for confirmation to NOT jump on the $0 Desire this week. My Wm6 Touch Pro2 is already old and abandoned. The only question I had about the Desire HD was that, without the touch wheel, how will I move my text cursor around. Oh well… still as close as I’ll get to the Dream of a Canadian EVO.

    • roccos_van

      The soft keyboard has arrows along the bottom so you can move the cursor around.

  • Lucas

    @Ger Kind of late reply but whatever.

    It’s not about the consumer being stupid or forced to buy from Telus. It is what is wrong with the market, supporting those who have gouged us for years, I don’t think so. I don’t care if they have my favourite phone, their customer service sucks and will always suck because they never had a reason to improve until Wind mobile & mobilicity and public mobile came into the picture. Therefore, the ONLY reason you get ‘deals’ on Telus or bell or rogers is because of the new entrants, not because they wanted to give you a nice deal because well its christmas time.

  • daveloft

    If your getting a phone on Telus not getting the contract is stupid. You do need service don’t you?

    If you got a $360 discount on the phone for 36 months. If your with them four 12 months than cancel you pay $240 to get out of the contract.

    Which means you got the phone for $120 cheaper than the i***t buying it full price.

    There is no right answer, buy with contract or buy without based on your situation.

    • 0mega1

      Especially with their new cancellation fees. Completely fair pricing.

      Even better if you had a discount from the data 😉 Cancel after a year, THEN cancel the service… *cough cough*

  • Cody

    Now it’s the wait until it actually releases. Hurry I can’t wait, if it’s too long I might give in and keep my Desire Z 😛

  • Varun Gupta

    I have been expecting and waiting for a phone like this to be released in Canada and especially with Telus but since I already renewed my 3 year contract because of the Htc Desire in Aug 2010, there is no way I would be able to get my hands on this beautiful phone. The one thing I hate about the desire is the battery life and this one proves to be even worse, looking at the reviews on youtube and tech forums.
    I just bought an $80 large battery for the desire to make it last 2 to 3 days. Don’t have enough money to buy this one and then buy another battery for this one as well. Good phone overall!

  • Kuba

    its sad we get excited about a 6 month old phone that still won’t be out for bunch more months. lol pathetic.

    Canada sucks.

    This or milestone 2 is the only choice. sigh

  • Jasman

    Can anyone confirm that this is the Desire HD? The reason being is that the Telus retailers don’t know anything about it. I emailed HTC and they said they had no plans to release the Desire HD in North America.

  • Jasman

    Can anyone confirm this is indeed the HD? Seems like no one at Telus or Future Shop know about it coming out.

  • PuerkitoBio

    I guess with the “old” Desire sale going on until the 5th of January, they’re not going to talk about a better phone coming soon. Or their employees don’t know about this. Highly possible.

  • killthelights32

    TELUS does not provide information regarding upcoming devices to the TELUS dealers / retail shops. They find out as we all find out.

    And HTC wouldn’t confirm any plans of a North American Desire HD because if they did it could cannibalize the sales of existing HTC handsets.