WIND Mobile to sell the BlackBerry Bold 9780 for $450


  • Alexandre

    And by this time, you have to pay 500$ with Videotron for Bold 9700…

    Come on Videotron, hurry up with new smartphones !!!

    • zorxd

      Still not worth $450 anyways. If you need a keyboard the Desire Z is much better phone.

  • wiley

    Awesome. Please WIND release the BB Torch. My wife wants one so bad before returning to work (maternity leave), along with the all-in $40 talk, text and data holiday plan.

    She returns Feb.14th, so I got my fingers crossed this plan becomes a standard plan and that the BB Torch is with WIND before Feb.14th…..

    • Myles

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but RIM hasn’t made a Torch that works on the WIND network. I think I remember hearing they weren’t planning to, but I’m not positive.

    • JCEE

      Just got the torch the other day. Its a great phone!

  • kiasu

    Does Mobilicity pricematch Wind Mobile for the phone price?

    • chall2k5

      nope….buy it from Wind…..and unlock it for $.99

    • Regulator

      This is great news buyaka!

  • JAWG

    This blackberry is a terrible phone because Wind sells it.

  • Regulator

    JAWG sounds more confused after each post. This is great news! So they got it later, it’s $50 dollars cheaper and with the Wind TAB you can pay for it in instalments!

  • Quantum

    He probably works for Rogers.

  • JAWG


  • JAWG

    @Fake JAWG aka Regulator:

    Regardless how many times you impersonate me or use different handles in the end Wind will fail,so the joke is on you and honestly you sound like a bigger moron each time you post.

  • user

    Gosh, enough of blackberry already! We need more Android devices, high end ones please!

  • tbr

    It appears as though they waited for Mobilicity to launch first then they launched with a price drop, very interesting. I wonder how Mobilicity will counter, probably reduce the price to match wind I presume.

  • tbr

    JAWG, it looks like illiterate people bash Mobilicity. Take Ragu for instance, he has never used Mobilicity and he bashes it for no apparent reason.

    Ragubator, stop playing with your s*lf and get a Mobilicity mobile service before you make ridiculous comments.

    • Regulator

      Lets here how Wind selling the 9780 for less than everyone else = corruption!

  • Regulator

    @TBR. Ok you are a a fool. Please cut and paste me any link where i bashed mobilicity!!!!!!

    Oh yeah i guess you can’t because i never did! I am all mobilicity, i cannot try them because they arent in Hamilton when they are I will!

    What I said i said was just becaue Wind gets a plan or hardware after them it doesnt mean they are followers. Competitive pricing is part of business as well.

    Why dont you stop drinking that listerine you filthy drunk pieces of smell manure! My five year old nephew can reason more than you.

    Please do us all a favor hang yourselves, we have enough donkeys on this planet.

  • Regulator

    Pardon my typos I am driving

    • Andy K

      You honestly think it’s okay to DWT (driving while texting)?

  • JCEE

    JAWG do you just like get off to Mobilicity at night or something? Like really… How do you know Wind subscribers are getting mobilicity phone for Wind? Wind is selling the Bold 9780 cheaper than anyone so what it took an extra what like 4 days or so to come out?

  • JCEE

    typing while driving well im sure if they gave retarded people licenses you would do it too

  • JayP


    “Plus even Windies are grabbing new Mobi phones hoping for better reception while Wind is selling Lightly Loved garbage..”

    Do you have proof that more WIND subscribers are buying new Mobilicity phones? Do you work in sales for Mobilicity? Can you site the numbers for us or are you just pulling things out of your a*s again? If can’t back up a statement with true facts that stfu.

    By the way, WIND sells NEW phones as well. I bought a Motorolla..not a lightly used one just so you are aware. I know that you don’t get out much so you don’t realize what is happening around you but I thought I would let you on to that.

  • JayP

    I have never read any bashing of Mobilicity from Regulator. Like Regulator, I would love to try out Mobilicity but they are not in Burlington. You anti-WIND are the ones that are negative to one company. The rest of us WANT competition. I want mobilicity, WIND and Pulbic Mobile all to survive. It is better for the consumers. Now you Rogers Employees (tbr), hate that and want to do away with competition and go back to the days of raping customers.

  • JCEE

    All depends what your looking for … when Wind launched they had the BB9700 .. I’d take that over the Nexus one anyday.. Mobilicity obviously is targeting more Androids… Wind has The 9700 now the 9780 the Curve and the Pearl… all decent phones how can you support it takes them a year to get something decent.. or can you just not work a blackberry are they to much for your thick head to wrap around

  • JAWG


    Ragu spits on the incumbents simply because he bases his opinions on sheer hate and attacks anyone that says anything negative against Wind even if it’s true 95% of the time considering the service still basically sucks,I and probably all the anti-Winds have personally nothing against the employees of that provider or foreign ownership itself and mostly only against the CEO who is a joke and his corrupt backers Orascom that deceitfully entered the market with no benefits to this nation.If the CEO changes in the future and new owners come in I’ll be glad to accept them as long as they are reasonably honest,until then I will support the better CANADIAN new entrant like many being Mobi and hope Wind in it’s present state dies ASAP.

    Furthermore,if we’re Rogers employees which is laughable with no basis because our concern over Wind-Orascom are legit some of you are definitely idiotic fanatical Fanboys with no other purpose but to raise garbage against the Incumbents where you’ll lose the battle…if anyone was raped it’s due to the system since the CRTC/Government created that and in a very short period of time the Newbies will be just as bad if changes are not made. This is why it’s important to support Mobi the best entrant by pushing them to do the right thing instead of defending larger corruption and making sure it doesn’t happen again.

    • Regulator

      The CRTC did not set the over-priced fees from the incumbents, what else can you come up with JAWG, you think with an ant sized brain?

  • JAWG


    Maybe you like BB’s because they are toys compared to Androids and honestly I know you in particular would probably even have a hard time making a call so who has the thick head.

  • JCEE

    Yeah I’d like to see androids push notifications compete with RIM hands down there isnt a better one out there. I had a Samsung Galaxy S for a week after my Bold 9700 broke and i hated it everytime I opened an app. it crashed i took it back and got the Torch couldnt be happier beats the galaxy hands down.

    • Regulator


      Don’t worry JAWG won’t understand about push notifications because he is not in business and hasn’t any real priorities but talking on his CHATR phone.

      Honestly, I played with the androids, you cannot compare the build quality of the actual phones to the iPhone’s, 3G or 4G. The blackberry’s are very solid devices, I really don’t care about having 5 million apps on my phones. I use it for business as it is the most reliable for that purpose.

      And yeah JAWG, it works fine on WIND.

      I am not bashing Mobilicity, I am bashing you because you are a TROLL that needs to be neutered.

  • Regulator

    It’s being JAWG in ’11, he can’t seem to find his brain.

  • JCEE

    How sad for him. I assume he hasn’t jumped in here on the defensive yet. To busy with his new picture of Dave probably.

  • Regulator

    Man that guy is a joke. I’m grabbing the 9780 when it comes out, it should be nice I like 0S6 but haven’t had much of a chance to use it. Too bad the Torch doesn’t come in AWS or maybe even a supposed / never to come out yet Storm 3.

  • tbr

    JCEE, it’s freaking common knowledge that many people buy Mobilicity phones to use on wind. Go to Howard forums or even here and you will see a discussion of people buying Mobilicity phones to use on windy. There is nothing wrong with doing that and I would do the same thing because for me windy phones are just garbage. I don’t think Mobilicity minds the sale either. They finally brought a decent phone with this one but the trend is toward android therefore Mobilicity is way ahead of the game.

    Don’t comment about things you know nothing about. Before you cast stones you need an IQ of at least average.

    • Regulator


      Ok monkey alot of people are Phone Enthusiasts on HoFo as well as Crackberry. They are buying the phones there because they are cheaper than buying them from the USA. I used to always buy phones outright from USA providers because I had a link at AT&T to get some deals.

      Show me the proof that Wind’s phones are any less than new, or some sorta of b-stock or defective product. In fact I think that RIM and other manufacturers wouldn’t appreciate you suggesting that they offload 2nd rate defective / refreshed phones to be sold as new.

      Surely you know that is illegal, to pass off used goods as new.

      SHOW ME THE PROOF. The only proof that exists on HOFO is that JAWG got warned for posting under multiple handles and got his arse reamed (though I am sure he enjoys taking it like a champ in his hole)

      #WAITS FOR PROOF —-> Regulator

    • tbr

      “Show me the proof that Wind’s phones are any less than new, or some sorta of b-stock or defective product. In fact I think that RIM and other manufacturers wouldn’t appreciate you suggesting that they offload 2nd rate defective / refreshed phones to be sold as new.”

      Where did I ever mention anything about b-stock or anything else you mentioned above. You are not only illiterate you are d*umb and d*mber all in one.

  • JCEE

    I got a copy of OS6 for my 9700 and it was good however really slow and took most of the memory on the 9700 but with the torch which has the same specs as the 9780 its smooth my Torch hasnt frozen at all since i got it.

  • Regulator

    Yeah thats how I tested it on my friends phone I didn’t find it abnormally slow, but in comparison to the Torch I played with it was definitely not as fast though the hardware is faster on the newer models of course.

  • JCEE

    JAWG where did Regulator say anything about being an amazing business man? He said Blackberries are the most reliable FOR business. Where were we bragging to eachother? We were simply discussing the new blackberries.

    • Regulator

      Yeah I never said I am a great businessman but my priority focus is to take care of my business, hence my family and also my employees. Sorry if saving money on mobile services makes me corrupt too!

  • Regulator

    JCEE I am really upset with you for assuming that JAWG can actually read! You must be be as corrupt at Orascom because you can read and you use a Blackberry!

    Figures that JAWG would be a Android Fanboy.

    Corruption all around!

  • Regulator

    JAWG it’s not my fault that you seem to enjoy portraying the stereotypical arrogant, loud mouth Guido.

    Not all Italian people are bad, my neighbours are very nice Italians, and although they just came here they act less FOB than you.


  • JAWG

    And somewhere in all that you just managed to jab in a few insults,I don’t insult someone if they don’t insult me first and at least you don’t get too personal…but Ragu gets personal right away against your ethnic background for no justifiable reason and even relatives which includes everyone on our side.He has no respect for himself and doesn’t deserve any respect back.

    • Regulator

      JAWG , please if we are gonna go tit for tat over who started the insults it would be you man.

      People like you need to be put in your place. I can play both sides JAWG.

      I still suspect that you don’t have much of a tolerance for other people’s cultures.

      You need to learn to not pick on people you cannot beat JAWGY, you reap what you sow.

  • JAWG

    The above message was to JCEE!

  • JCEE

    Maybe you like BB’s because they are toys compared to Androids and honestly I know you in particular would probably even have a hard time making a call so who has the thick head.”

    Pretty sure the insult started there with you i just gave it back.

  • Amar

    That’s way overpriced for such old hardware and a reboot of an older model…come on…

  • Hammad

    Meh, I want a good android phone or a WP7… don’t think blackberry will work for me

  • JAWG


    First,I never said anything about your nationality and left your relatives out of this,when you got angry you started this crap first and you didn’t put anyone in their place.If DooDoo jokes are your way you wouldn’t last in a real battle and I have lot more tolerance than you since i have lived with different cultures.And who the hell picked on anyone…you can’t deal with what we state and react instantly like a gorilla demanding a banana.

  • tbr

    Ragubator = D*mb and D*umber all in one.

    JAWG: have you noticed how ragubator is nonsensical. Many times his comments have nothing to do with the conversation going on. I feel sorry for him he is very disturbed and exhibiting multi personalities. The cell phone radiation has really effected him.

  • Regulator

    Are you serious ??? Coming from the off topic posters of the year that interject drivel. Yeah JAWG your a big tough guy!

    Wind 9780 Blackberry is a nice phone

  • JAWG


    You’re so damn funny,this coming from a wimp who makes comments about myself/tbr/Rocco/etc without us even being in a thread and provoking fights where you then go looking for help pushing others to join in…many tbr is right you definitely have some serious issues.

  • JAWG

    No that’s how Brucie gives you Androids!

  • to Mods and owner of Mobilesyrup

    Please get rid of trolls like JAWG, its turning every article into garbage. Hire people to ban these r*****s, your site thanks to Jawg has made me stupider

  • JAWG

    @to Mods and owner of Mobilesyrup:

    You sound like a Nazi wanting to burn books during the war to kill Free Speech hiding behind a handle that doesn’t identify you demanding to ban people,how convenient you claim I’m a troll when you are and you don’t mention Regulator…and prove to me I or my side are racists when Regulator always refers to backgrounds or insults people.

    I’m sorry but you made yourself STUPIDER!

  • JAWG


    I’m Canadian first from an Italian background…not a Italo- Canadian/hyphenated Canadian/opportunistic multicultural Guido as you suggest.

    So you can fist pump yourself like you do late at night!

  • Dabba

    Jawg I know you want more than fist pumps up yout b utt.

    And quick humping the neighbors cat late at night.

    • tbr

      Dabba I asked your mother why you like fist pumps so much and she told me that is how you were conceived.

  • JAWG


    You need to stop talking about your personal abnormalities in Forums and get some therapy…hope you do.Everyone needs to establish a sound life and in your case religion may not even help.Still go for it…Good Luck!

    • Dabba

      Actually Jawg if you had learned to read, you would have gathered that I was talking about YOU. Why don’t you wake up and smell the coffee. Everybody hates you here. Can’t you get the hint!!??

    • tbr

      I like JAWG, unlike you at least he is honest about his experiences.

  • JAWG


    You need to stop talking about your personal abnormalities in Forums and get some therapy…hope you do.Everyone needs to establish a sound life and in your case religion may not even help.Still go for it…Good Luck!

  • Inu Endo

    Please ban JAWG.
    He/She/It is making this otherwise informative website a home from trolls.

    • tbr

      Why are you such an angry person. This is free speech and just because you don’t like what JAWG or myself has to say does not give you the right to be so bitter.

      JAWG is right I think you are way past salvation in any religion except your own.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    VimpelCom Board to Vote Jan. 16 on Paying Less for Wind, Orascom Telecom

    VimpelCom Ltd .’s board will vote on a revised deal with a potentially lower price for Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris’ phone assets on Jan. 16, according to two people familiar with the matter. Photographer: Shawn Baldwin/Bloomberg

    VimpelCom Ltd.’s board will vote on a revised deal with a potentially lower price for Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris’ phone assets on Jan. 16, according to two people familiar with the matter.

    The main shareholders, Telenor ASA and Alfa Group’s Altimo, will meet in Amsterdam to discuss final terms, the people said, declining to be identified because the talks are confidential. The revised deal could still fall apart, the people said.

    VimpelCom, Russia’s second-biggest mobile-phone operator, had sought to find a new agreement after its biggest shareholder, Telenor, in December rejected a $6.8 billion proposal, saying the transaction wouldn’t help the business or shareholders. VimpelCom Chief Executive Officer Alexander Izosimov was asked to revise the deal.

    Opposition from Telenor, the Nordic region’s biggest phone company, is threatening the creation of the world’s fifth- largest mobile-phone company. Under the original deal, VimpelCom sought to obtain all of Italian mobile operator Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA and Sawiris’ 51.7 percent stake in Egypt’s Orascom Telecom Holding SAE.

    The shareholders of Sawiris’ holding company, called Wind Telecom SpA, would have got 20 percent of new VimpelCom shares valued at $5 billion at current prices and $1.8 billion in cash under the original terms.

    Spokespeople for Telenor, VimpelCom and Altimo today declined to comment. Sawiris didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.


    The deal could be forced through even if Telenor’s three directors oppose it, the people said. In December, the remaining six board members voted for the deal.

    Vedomosti reported earlier today that VimpelCom’s shareholders will meet Jan. 16.

    VimpelCom and Wind last year delayed the signing of a shareholder agreement as Orascom tried to resolve a dispute with the Algerian government over its local unit, Djezzy.

    The Algerian government, which wants to buy Djezzy, ordered Orascom to pay more than $800 million in back taxes and banned it from transferring money abroad, penalties that Orascom has contested. The Egyptian company has said it could be in international arbitration by the second quarter of this year unless it can resolve the dispute.

    VimpelCom, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, was formed from the consolidation of Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman’s Alfa Group and Telenor’s holdings in Russian and Ukrainian mobile-phone operators.

    not looking good people not good at all