WP7 Rogers Samsung Focus now $69.99 at Best Buy (on 3-year)


  • Meshach David

    Wow too bad I just got a bb.

    • Nsec

      I know I feel so sorry for you too. A blackberry…
      Can’t wait for the Motorola Atrix

  • Nsec

    Looks like nobody is buying those win7 phones…Kind of a shame. When you look at CES though you kinda get the feeling that Android is dominating the world. Well good luck selling that on a three year plan Robbers

    • zorxd

      Agreed. Those WP7 phones were already outdated when they came out (on par with the Nexus One that came out Q1-2010). With CES, they look like from the last century. I thought we would have seen a few newer WP7 (LTE Verizon).

  • baconeater

    MS should fire their VP of Cut & Paste. Or at least get did of Balmer, he can’t seem to do anything right. Maybe then, they’ll release the Courier and it might even come with cut and paste…:p

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Make it a 2 year plan instead and I am in.

  • Cziggy

    I would be all over this if it wasn’t only for new activations

  • Taylor

    My friend just got one of these. Despite missing some features, it definitely has the nicest and sleekest interface, even better than iOS and Android. I personally would not want to be locked in to a three year though.

  • Keith

    It is the only good WP7 phone in Canada’s sparse line-up but it is on Rogers so what a waste of a good phone. I was talking to someone at FutureShop yesterday and they said they are not selling any of the Samsung Focuses but they are selling quite a few LG Optimum Quantum’s despite their diminutive 3.5” screen because they run on Bell. She said they could sell more (like to me for instance) if Bell had more models with bigger screen to select from. Bell and Telus are the only viable options for 3G+ service in NS.

  • K Everets

    Is it possible to not post only the contract price? If it must be only the contract price, please post the minimum total contract cost. Anything else is just monkeying around with numbers to deceive customers.

    A phone could be offered for negative money (they pay you) but with a minimum several thousand dollar contract (which most are).

  • ken

    telus has just changed the price of their LG Optimus 7 to $49.99 on a 3 yr term. Available for new and existing clients.