Samsung 4.5-inch Flexible AMOLED display to be shown at CES


  • Dan

    oooo pretty screen 😀


    Cool, but unuseful

  • bubbles

    first off sliding a screen up from the inner depths of a laptop kinda appeals to me, and this starts the race to have this tech as a newspaper and what about business cards that update as you do, not near future but for sure within reach.

    • m1lk

      @ bubbles:

      Don’t be so narrow minded. With such thin displays it’d be possible to put a display anywhere IE a small one in the washroom to catch up on the news or stick one around the kitchen when you’re watching the food network

      Eventually it may be possible to use them as a video chat device using this as it’s main display =\

      To just discredit a concept and in this case prototype AMOLED screen without much thought is just plain ignorant

  • Amar

    Looks nice.

  • Stephen

    I’m sure its nigh indestructibility will be more useful than its flexibility. You could drop that thing a hundred times but a flexible screen won’t shatter.

  • jeff

    You read my mind stephen.. there is nothing more resistant than this for now ib the industry.. make a waterproof phone with this screen, and were in business !

  • Colin

    I can see it already, people renting out their backs with adds running on the back of their jakets, while walking to work.

  • Miknitro

    First it says…
    “2mm thick, the 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED runs at a WVGA 800 x 480 resolution”

    Then they go on to say….
    “Other key features of the display has it with a resolution that currently 4 times better than anything out there”

    So it’s four times better at what exactly?

    Sounds like typical Samsung rubbish to me.

  • Nick

    I find it hilarious how often I’ll see an ad for a TV or a phone bragging about the screen and I’ll think “man, that screen DOES look super colourful and awesome”… until I realize I’m watching the ad on my own damn laptop.

  • bubbles

    four times better than (insert item here) pathetic advertising lingo, and we wouldn’t rent out our backs as google already owns us, free 10MB of mobile internet for every google ad on your back!

  • ddddd

    wheres the battery??