Apple’s App Store to hit 500,000 apps by June 2011?

Another report about apps – but this time is Apple and how they are progressing to possibly hit the half million app mark by mid-2011. Apple confirmed a few weeks ago that they officially have 300,000 apps available for download. 148Apps.biz says the App Store now has 325,672 available for download with the average price per paid app at $4.04. Looking deeper into the stats shows something more interesting. So far this month there has been a total of 25,421 approved apps to the App Store (978 per day) and this is a slow month due to the holidays. If we forecast this number to June this could see the App Store hit the milestone of 500,000 available apps.

Currently the Android Market officially has 100,000 apps and both Windows Phone 7 and Palm have 5,000 apps each.

Source: 148Apps.biz
Via: iPhoneInCanada